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Prime 5 Chinese Suppliers In Offshore Drilling & Cementing |

Whats up everyone!!
I’m andreas,named after my very first shopper who comes petroleum by products in food from S.A. in 2010.As we speak I’d prefer to share with you guys chinese top 5 gear suppliers in offshore drilling and cementing.

Interactive Turbulent Tubular Reactor1.Yantai Jereh Oilfield Companies Group Co.Ltd.
Jereh is an international, built-in oil and fuel company specializing in oil and gas engineering and development, oilfield and equipment Coal Refining Equipment manufacturing. By means of 15 years of development within the trade, Jereh has become China’s largest privately-held listed oil and gasoline company.

2.SJ Petroleum Machinery Co.
SJ Petroleum Machinery Co. founded in 1941, has turn out to be a large-scale manufacturing base for petroleum drilling and manufacturing equipment from a small-scale strange repairing works after sixty-5 years of growth, primarily based on research for numerous special petroleum autos.

RG PETRO-Machinery (GROUP) CO. LTD is one in all the important thing manufacturers of petroleum drilling tools and companies provider in the world.They’ll provide 12 series of drilling tools, including 1000m-9000m skid-mounted drilling rig, 1000m-4000m truck-mounted drilling rig, 1000m -4000m trailer-mounted drilling rig, all types work over rigs, offshore drilling/work over equipments, petroleum particular vehicles, high drive drilling equipments, mud pumps, hoisting and rotary drilling equipments and associated spare parts, etc.

4.SANY Group Co.Ltd.
SANY Group is a worldwide firm in the construction machinery industry with an unlimited product range of concrete machinery, excavator, hoisting equipment, pile driving machinery, road development machinery, port equipment, and wind turbine.

5.Kerui Group
Kerui is a professional and worldwide industrial group committed to petroleum equipment, EPC turnkey projects and oilfield service. Based mostly on over-50-12 months massive-oilfield growth accumulated in Shengli Oilfield, Kerui has unique advantages when it comes to talent, R&D and different elements.

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