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The value Of Gasoline And The Patently Absurd petroleum equipment houston tx otc Utility Of Our Sovereign Immunity Law

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The title of the article in Friday’s Wall Street Journal — petroleum equipment houston tx otc “Drivers Really feel Pinch of Climbing Fuel Costs” — says all of it. Yet we’ve got an anomaly in our courts, irresponsibly supported by the government and legislative branches of our authorities, petroleum equipment houston tx otc in the way that our courts interpret Sovereign Immunity and, in flip, its impact on our day after day lives. Technically speaking, Sovereign Immunity is a authorized doctrine by which the sovereign state cannot commit a legal mistaken and is due to this fact immune from civil go well with or legal prosecution. Yet right here it has been extended by our courts, with the backing of our executive branch and the acquiescence of our legislative department, to giving certain nationwide business entities a free pass overriding our laws similar to those regarding anti-belief and industrial collusion.