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Ways To Paint Laminate Countertops

We are regularly requested about 1 paint an existing laminate countertop, and whether it is even achievable . The answer’s, yes, it can be executed using countertop paint , however you have to prepare the counter surface punctiliously beforehand with unique primer.

Heres how.
(1) Wash the worktop with some ammonia-based cleaner or some warm ammonia watered down with water. Get it as clear as possible , removing all dust and dirt. When the floor is dry, you can want to put strips of low-tack painter s tape on any trim around the worktop.

( 2 ) The petroleum equipment inc delaware that subsequent step is to prime the counter floor having a bonding primer, this may be sure that the paint will keep on with a non-porous surface. Some favourable bonding primers are XIM 400, Sherwin-Williams PrepRite, or Zinssers Bin. Follow the primer makers directions ; Plan on allowing the primer to set for approximately 24 hours simply earlier than painting. The odour will be powerful , so consider opening home windows and shutting the room off from the remainder of the home when working with these products .

(3 ) When the primer is dry, it’s the time to paint your current laminate countertop with your recently selected colour or design. Nothing changes a kitchens look as significantly as worktop finishes, so be sure you’ve matched swatches to your current colours of appliances, partitions, and flooring. When you utilize your laminate counters to organize food without delay on, petroleum equipment inc delaware that use water primarily based countertop paint; the chemicals in oil based paints canleech into your food, which is not a hoped-for end result . Apply 2 to 3 thin layers of paint, letting them dry between each coating. In case you like, and are feeling creative, you’ll be able to stencil-paint some patterned borders in your laminate worktops new base paint as properly at that point.

(Four ) The ultimate step is petroleum equipment inc delaware that to seal the paint. Three coats of satin or excessive-gloss non-yellowing polyurethane will offer you most sturdiness. I desire hydrogenated sealer; it will not change the looks of your paint’s colours when it dries. Enable the sealer to dry 24 hrs. You may must order take-out dinners for a couple of days, however it is going to in all probability be value it once you eventually get to take pleasure in your fabulous new painted laminate counters.

Countertop Paint is changing into a well-liked choice amongst house owners who’ve an interest in updating the look of their kitchen or bath, but attempting to do so on a reasonable funds. The secret is to not sacrifice high quality or seems to be for price and this is precisely the kind of product which makes that potential.

Ron Andreis is a builder who runs a big dwelling enchancment company and makes a speciality of kitchen and coal Gasification bath renovations. For some more fascinating information on countertop paint initiatives, including insights on one of the best countertop paint equipment, you may visit his site anytime

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