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Where Next For The Crude Oil Futures Market

Every Wednesday the US government releases the most recent oil stock numbers and the latest figures haven’t been good for these speculating on a rise in costs. The weekly Power Data Administration (EIA) reviews have been showing rises in stockpiles.

The most recent report confirmed that crude oil inventories rose by zero.97m barrels to 358.3m barrels. Gasoline stockpiles additionally increased, the most recent knowledge confirmed a bounce of 1.59m barrels to 226.1m barrels.

Whilst the figures were unexceptional they were unexpected. Monetary information company, Bloomberg had reported that inventory levels had been expected to drop as a result of 8 day shutdown of the Enbridge Vitality pipeline, ie the pipelines that supplies Canadian oil to Americas Mid-West.

Buy what does this mean for the crude oil markets Based on Simon Denham of Financial Unfold, We will see that the irresistible attraction of $75 per barrel appears to be working its magic once again. Following the pattern of the past few years, the November futures contract was $1 higher than October. As soon as once more we are able to see that lengthy-time period sellers are picking up this $1 monthly worth distinction.

Within the futures markets, this upward sloping price curve is named a contango and to date in 2010 the contango petroleum equipment jackson ms office has given us more than $10 to the underside line. For petroleum equipment jackson ms office those who had been unfold trading with a rolling sell place held since January, you’d effectively be short of the crude oil market at $85. With the value hovering around $75 that could be a very good place to have. Although you would need deep pockets to cowl the volatility that that crude oil market usually experiences.

Wanting at the technical indications, at some point crude may break above the $83/$86 stage, having said that, don’t hold your breath. As mentioned above, inventories stay strong and gasoline effectivity is ever improving.

For all of the growth of the world economies during the last 5 years, you will need to realise that oil production has truly fallen and but petroleum equipment jackson ms office there was no large pressure on prices.

On condition that both Brent Crude Oil and US Crude Oil (also known as Light Crude and Nymex)