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A Pure Bridge To Renewable Vitality

We’ve been reading of the promise of natural gas as a attainable step change in direction of our move to renewable sources of power. We are strong believers that the U.S. can and must do something to maneuver in the direction of power independence however recognize it must be a step-by-step method. One one who petroleum equipment maintenance 07 has been an enormous advocate of this approach has been T. Boone Pickens who in fact stands to realize fairly a bit from an expansion/enhance in the usage of pure gas however who additionally has invested significant funds in wind energy.

Right now the Wall Road Journal had a piece on the large pure gas finds that had been recently found in Louisiana. We now have reserves of pure gas that might meet our wants for the following 100 years at current day usage levels. As well as, there appears to be reason to believe that additional reserves could be find within the U.S. Petroleum Production Display if desired. Finds in our state of Pennsylvania have lead to a ‘mini-boom’ in some smaller towns in the state as companies have flooded in to explore for gasoline.

Given petroleum equipment maintenance 07 the properly documented points with coal and nuclear it appears to us that we ought to be devoting a lot more attention at the government stage to the possibilities that natural fuel provide us. We still really feel that a flooring must be put on energy costs such that if oil/gasoline drops below a sure stage a federal tax kicks in. That ‘vitality tax flooring’ combined with conversion to pure gas could help us to bridge to renewable over a longer time period yet with a really optimistic environmental and security impact.

That is an thrilling opportunity and one we hope our President will not ignore. There are very few ‘simple’ choices for vitality independence, in actual fact, to us pure gasoline appears to be like to be the one near term choice that we’ve got.