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petroleum refining book, petroleum equipment servicempany number,Petroleum refining refers to the process of converting crude oil into useful products.

Why Does Gasoline Melt By Bizarre Plastic Containers

Certain plastics dissolve in gasoline as a result of they have similar chemical buildings. As petroleum equipment servicempany number a common rule of thumb, substances are dissolved by similar substances. That is why many ionic salts are soluble in water; the polar bonds allow each facet of the petroleum equipment servicempany number water molecule to work together with both cations and anions.

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Plastics are just polymers of hydrocarbon molecules.The majority of plastics are made from molecules derived from petroleum. The hydrocarbons in gasoline work together freely with these within the plastic. If the interaction between gasoline and the plastic is much less energetic than that of the bonds within the plastic, the plastic will dissolve. The universe will almost all the time want issues to be at a state with the bottom potential energy possible. Look into thermodynamics if you need a extra thorough explanation.

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