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So as to satisfy the event of land and sea oil modernized drilling know-how necessities, change the normal manner of drilling work below cathead, Guide Tong, spinning rope, spinning chain make-up and breakout job, adapt to the necessity of highly effective excessive-pace drilling increasingly growth, many countries have developed to a complete spinner, closely work, set Pipe and spinner torque wrench in one in every of the ability tongs drill pipe. This drill Power tongs drill pipe joint screw thread unloading, security, labor saving, decreased labor intensity enhance roughnecks, make-up velocity and drilling aging, save drilling time, scale back the price of drilling and the speed of accident. At present, the home and foreign drill Power tongs sort has opened and closed two. Press the clamping approach into four roller and chain kind two. As a result of the closed forceps entangle the drill pipe, not free to disengage, poor mobility, the use isn’t large, so, at current, more in depth use of the open type Energy tongs. Driving method of Power drill pipe of tongs hydraulic or pneumatic hydraulic two. Tongs has the advantages of compact structure, massive torque, but liquid advanced; pneumatic drill tongs could be immediately used compressed air, does not need the ability supply, but the torque is small, relatively heavy.

oil cracking tower1.Drill pipe dynamic spinner development scenario in international countries
At current, the foreign production of Power drill pipe tongs international locations are the main American, the former Soviet Union and Canada and other international locations. America primarily Ecker (ECKEL), hydraulic power tongs sequence merchandise; Wacker (VARCO) company’s TW a 60 iron roughneck and SSW Pipe spinner series products; Hillman Kelly (HILLMAN KELLEY), PDP a 7250 type of Power tongs. The former Soviet Union is mainly Ural heavy machinery plant of AKB 3M2 tongs, a pneumatic on BK sort three, BK type four on a pneumatic Pipe spinner and Canadian FARR firm robust hydraulic motor forceps and many others..
From a variety of specifications and manufacturing state of affairs, expertise growth degree of American is still within the main place. The corporate’s full product specs eikner, with hydraulic power tongs is extra superior, is a sort of hydraulic power, double pace motor and double pace mechanical transmission is an open type Energy tongs transmission system, the clamping mechanism adopts a cam clamping system. The facility tongs is geared up with superior pc control system, can automatically measure torque, every connecting pipe reaches a predetermined torque can routinely cease when the tongs operation, is conducive to the safety of drill pipe joint. However this Pipe spinner liquid path is extra advanced, the load and the volume is bigger, the worth is costly (hydraulic energy tongs is priced at $75000, the pc torque management system for $35000). American Varco firm Pipe spinner with four roller urgent drill pipe body, by the friction force between the roller and the rotating drill pipe drilling rod. Pipe spinner makes use of several aerodynamic torque in low, typically threaded rotating not to shoulder, but the clamping mechanism clamps the drill pipe body, excessive efficiency, time average spinner per 21.Four s (Pipe spinner and Tong closely time and), which. Pipe spinner accounts for under 5 ~ 6 S, spinning rope and Tong spinner round twice as quick as the drill using ratio. Pipe spinner relies on four roller roller friction transmission energy, subsequently, to drive the fabric and course of selection is essential, roller, Varco firm has accomplished petroleum gel totally different friction driven spinner gadget to test drill pipe harm, the test outcomes present that: the chain and belt sort Pipe spinner produces tension and make contact with wear. In addition, attempting to unravel the issue of tough chain lubrication with the drill rod contact, because of decreased tension put on should be fuel, and increase the chain and drill pipe friction coefficient and not fuel. With a view to keep away from drill pipe clamp is generated at the notch injury, scale back the fatigue life, Varco use aluminum wheel, confirmed 1500000 times through the contact test, driving roller and the driven element of virtually no put on.
The previous Soviet Union Ural heavy equipment plant production AKl3-3M2 pneumatic tongs, direct use of drill powered by compressed air, without exterior energy source. This pneumatic tongs by pneumatic motor and transmission mechanism of spinner, and the usage of high-velocity rotation of the flywheel inertia intently, the clamping mechanism adopts a cylinder pushes the jaw plate to clamp drill pipe. However this sort of pneumatic tongs torque is small, bulky, tong teeth brief life and aging is just not excessive. Small drill of the former Soviet Union, YIBK-three type, geared up with YIBK-four type pneumatic Pipe spinner, uses two air motor respectively drives the left and the appropriate roller, roller compaction power of the drill pipe joints, by means of the cylinder to push a lever to comprehend. Because the roller with teeth, the pliers solely can clamp a drill pipe joint.

2.Drill pipe dynamic spinner in the development of the domestic scenario
Our improvement and production of oil drilling Dynamic spinner primarily has: Lanzhou Petroleum Machinery Research Institute and the Jiangsu Rudong petroleum machinery manufacturing unit joint growth of the ZQl00 kind of Energy drill pipe tongs, Q200 pneumatic Pipe spinner; Lanzhou Petroleum Equipment Research Institute and Jiangsu Rudong petroleum equipment manufacturing facility two joint improvement of kind XSL-225 spinner swivel; ZY- sort turbocharger dynamic tongs Dagang Petroleum Administration Bureau Drilling Technology Analysis Institute and the North Automobile Manufacturing Manufacturing unit Co developed; joint improvement of petroleum machinery manufacturing facility of Beijing petroleum equipment, petroleum machinery manufacturing facility and Shanghai third in the capital of TZG-175 iron roughneck; Mudanjiang petroleum machinery instrument equipment of SKl0 hydraulic makeup breakout machine with Liao He Oilfield Firm units drilling two the company joint improvement.
1.ZQl00 sort drill rod Energy tongs
The tongs for the reason that early eighty’s production date, product structure after several enhancements, has now developed into a comparatively mature drilling gear and throughout the nation each big oilfield. The facility tongs show, lengthy-term use, has the following characteristics:
(1) with hydraulic power, compressed air control. Greatly simplify the hydraulic system, to enhance the working reliability.
(2) the transmission system adopts a planetary gear mechanism and a pneumatic clutch, can realize the parking gear, save drilling time.
(3) the upper and lower clamp collectively, avoid the drill pipe in excessive torque beneath bending might, and might stop the drill skidding on the clamp teeth.
(4) computerized centering mechanism can guarantee that the previous and the brand new drill rod locking clip.
(5) on the clamping mechanism, a lower pliers, respectively using the brake band and a clamping cylinder, the construction is simple.
(6) discount of the gap could be very convenient, quick and dependable make-up, breakout.
(7) by cylinder, cellular tongs, without the necessity for human hand push, reduces the labor intensity of drivers.
(Eight) the product selling price only the United States Eckel firm similar products worth 1/three.
2.Q200 pneumatic Pipe spinner
The clamp is a form of the 4 roller gasoline rely on roller friction switch energy dynamic Pipe spinner, utilizing the 3K planetary reducer. The principle technical performance parameters:
(1) pressure system
Working pressure: 687 ~ 883 kPa
Gas motor rated power: Eight.83 kW
Gas motor rated pace: 3200 R / min
Air consumption: 10.6 m3 / min
(2) for drill pipe diameter
For different specs of the drill pipe, tongs should press table with stress roller with different diameters, and installed in the clamping arm in entrance of the corresponding holes in.

(Three) the braking torque
On the rated power of 8.83kW, spinner, spinner, brake torque velocity torque pliers, see the following table:

(Four) the clamping cylinder diameter: 200 mm
The clamping cylinder stroke: 152.4 mm
(5) size: 1400 x 530 x 835 mm
(6) weight (including 5in roller):373 kg
In keeping with the statistics show that the 3285 drilling crew of Liaohe Oilfield, 12 wells, Q200 type pneumatic Pipe spinner can speed up tripping speed, reduce the accident rate of.12 wells common well depth is 2700m, the one nicely drilling instances sixteen.Three instances, each time the tripping time saving 39min, average each properly save time 10.6h. using Q200 type pneumatic Pipe spinner, can scale back the drilling value, scale back the labor intensity of roughnecks, if a drilling staff years footage of 12000m, lower than a 12 months can recover all prices. In addition, in keeping with the location to reflect, in the completion logging and fishing operations, not rotating turntable drill is to ensure the electrical measuring success of essential measures and requirements for particular course of, so that, the usage of this Pipe spinner is handy and might improve the effectivity.
3.XSL-225 kind spinner swivel
Using the kelly spinner alone, can save about 60% of the connection time. Nevertheless, because the spinner system is linked between swivel and Kelly, occupy a certain space distance, so that the movable pulley to crown Saver comparatively shorter distance, when drilling the driller operation once inadvertently, the travelling block is dangerous to contact crane; within the rig during transport should separate the kelly spinner device and swivel, apparently time-consuming. To this end, the related items have designed a the twin-objective swivel kelly spinner controller and swivel to mix the 2 into one, to overcome these shortcomings. To ensure the safety of the. In 1989, the Lanzhou Petroleum Equipment Analysis Institute and Jiangsu Rudong petroleum machinery manufacturing unit two has developed a kind of structure, efficiency and reliability in a greater, more advanced split type XSL-225 spinner swivel, and has been declared a patent of invention (Patent No 86108603). Technical performance parameters of this spinner swivel is:
(1) the swivel half
The utmost static load: 2250 kN
The principle bearing load rankings: > 1600 kN
Most speed: 300 R / min
Most working pressure::35 MPa
The middle tube by way of hole diameter: Seventy five mm
(2) part spinner (pneumatic motor)
Rated power: 14.7kW (20HP)
Compressed air pressure: Zero.70 zero.9MPa
Rated speed: 2900 R / min
Consumption: 20 m3 / min
Rated torque: 1630 N M
Brake torque: 2445 ~ 2934 N M
Rated pace: 70 R / min
Most pace: 120 R / min
Steering: constructive, reverse
Complete high quality: about 3000 kg
XSL type 225 spinner swivel by swivel and kelly spinner machine, is a sort of kelly spinner converter and swivel mixture and cut up cut up kind mixed structure. Its traits are: when using swivel heart pipe and a decrease joint, breakout, that the length of the middle pipe should reach out to the shell swivel, mounted aspect spinner drill pipe system. By means of bolt to kelly spinner shell and swivel shell are linked into a whole, and is sheathed outside the swivel center tube. The cut up combined structure makes the overall product almost the length and the original single motion swivel length of the identical, does not occupy the anti-collision security distance. It can not solely the overall transport. But also will be separated and upkeep, two in each casing working. Independently of each other.
When the pneumatic motor and pneumatic clutch at the same time, the air is. Will drive the swivel middle tube rotation, the center pipe hand accomplished makeup and breakout operation. However, the impact of common swivel.
Within the drilling course of. When the rotary drives swivel center tube is rotated, the bolt presses the wedge sleeve. The wedge middle clutch friction wheel on the pipe to rotate together, and the spinner part does not rotate, thereby prolonging the service life of the spinner a part of the.
Kelly spinner type XSL-225 spinner swivel, composed of radial tire holding sort friction clutch, two gear reducer and pneumatic control system. Its shell (i.e. two gear reducer shell under) is tightly mounted by a bolt in the swivel shell. The central tube and the clutch friction wheel is connected with the elastic wedge, wedge sleeve with a slot. Below the stress of bolts. With the clutch friction wheel inner wedge moves inward contraction. And a clutch friction wheel wedge at the middle of the swivel pipe, the connecting mode, which need not swivel the center tube processing, nor does it trigger injury. Related with the key comparison. Its high positioning accuracy, massive transmission torque, the clutch friction wheel position, may be adjusted, with center tube, meeting and disassembly is convenient. Bolt the clutch wheel and two stage gear reducer drive output shaft are connected into an entire, and to set a bigger hole in the middle of the tube, the disassembly of Spinner system when, only must unscrew the bolts can be.
The pneumatic management system is composed of a pneumatic motor, a two-manner continue air machine, the friction clutch, air inlet pipeline, oil water separator, oil mist, three hyperlinks, the main gasoline pipeline, pipeline and gas pipeline control composition. The gas supply gadget is put in within the air motor air inlet, is composed of two identical buildings are assembled, the reversal valve reverse. The optimistic rotation valve normally open, usually closed reversal valve. Fuel motor and clutch consists of the inlet and exhaust valve management.
Makeup, a valve opening, a valve is closed, the compressed air provide pipeline will go by means of three is divided into two paths, one path of oil-water separator, air inlet pipeline to continue air gadget. Because rotary valve usually open, then, is to turn the inlet compressed air getting into the air motor, pneumatic motor for positive operation; at the identical time, the other path by a fuel inlet pipeline into the pneumatic clutch, the clutch hang together. The forward rotation torque of air motor, the 2 gear velocity reducer drives the output shaft, and then by the clutch friction wheel wedging center pipe, driving heart Guan Zhengzhuan make-up. Make-up completed, close the valve, pneumatic motor is stopped; at the identical time, the compressed air clutch and motor inner respectively from the exhaust gap to ambiance, the clutch off.
Breakout, the closure of a valve, open one other valve, fuel pipeline to the compressed air within the air after the three go, valve and control into the pipeline, a fuel supply machine, so the optimistic rotary valve closed, reversal valve open. On the inlet air inlet and air motor reversal reversal valve communicated with the air inlet, air motor is transferred and communicated with the exhaust gap of the rotary valve. Open the valve, as with makeup. Compressed air by the three approach two and into the air motor and clutch, clutch shifting, reverse air motor. Driver middle tube inversion breakout by means of two gear reducer. Breakout finished, shut the valve, gasoline motor stops rotating, pneumatic clutch and motor internal compressed air from the vent gas motor and constructive cross valve exhaust hole to environment, the clutch off. State of the two-way proceed air gadget back to no strain at. That’s to open the valve, reversing valve closed. The entire process has the advantages of convenient operation, versatile, reliable, accurate commutation.
The air clutch can ensure the versatile connection between compensation, some connected the 2 axis Div. diploma and different diploma of coronary heart. And might ease the affect, eliminating vibration occurred within the work. It has the advantages of straightforward construction, straightforward replacement of wearing elements, good heat dissipation situations.
Because there isn’t any head, design of radial inlet construction. So as to ensure the spinner for radial below rotating state intake. It is composed of two sealing ring, a spacer ring, a gland, a stress pad, bolt, energy into the pores and rims on the output shaft of the composition. The identical two seal ring relative is put in between the power output shaft and a pace reducer casing annular area. Compressed air from the air inlet pipeline enters into the annular cavity between the 2 sealing ring, the air inlet, an air inlet joint, pipeline and another air inlet joint, pneumatic clutch in into.
Discount scheme uses two gear reducer, the entire transmission ratio i=forty one.22.
Sort XSL-225 spinner swivel by 2250kN the utmost static load take a look at, 5400kN check and 70MPa most load of hydrostatic test, the results reached the oil rig swivel JB41 12-85 requirements. In addition, from 1989 January 32465 Daqing oilfield drilling crew. The site for more than a yr of 8 wells, the usage of 15000m to see the footage. The spinner swivel has the following benefits:
(1) the spinner machine and the swivel as a complete, the sub structure body. Action without mutual restriction, compact overall construction. No collision, convenient installation and transportation.
(2) energy, can be automatic, breakout, rat holing, isn’t affected by the angle of the affect of the drill string.
(Three) has the advantages of simple operation, safety, labor saving, not affected by surroundings and local weather, single do not pull spinning rope, reduces the labor intensity. Cut back private injury attributable to an accident.
(4) a connection time shortened, thus lowering the chance of downhole accident.
(5) can meet the special operation requirements. Because the bidirectional drive. Can satisfy the use necessities of constructive, negative buckle. Particularly in dealing with incidents. Don’t enable the turntable is reversed, the effect is extra distinguished; in addition to a connection can be used for salvage operations need to sluggish rotating drilling instrument.
The spinner swivel has passed in 1990 Might. Assume: XSL-225 spinner swivel from the advantages of home and foreign merchandise, novel and distinctive structure. Superior efficiency, domestic initiative.
4.ZY is a kind II supercharged Energy tongs
The clamp is not any valve open type tongs a pair of pliers physique structure, with the liquid cylinder clamping, 4 roller spinner device spinner, combined punching and hydraulic cylinder buckle buckle. The ability tongs is a simple, safe, excessive effectivity, however the structure is extra complex, at current is to additional improve and perfect.
5.TZG-175 iron roughneck
Iron roughneck or tripping gas-liquid mechanical operation device or tripping make-up and breakout system, its most important technical parameters and efficiency:
Utility: diameter 114.Three ~ 228.6mm (4 1/2in~ 9in)
Walking gauge: 1750mm
Walking path length: 4000mm
Walking speed: 200mm / S
The lifting velocity: 100mm / S
Roller opening and closing speed: 100mm / S
The upper and decrease clamp opening and shutting pace: < 3kN M
Makeup torque adjustment range: 0 ~ 85
Maximum torque: 136 kN m breakout
The maximum working pressure of hydraulic system: l 7.5MPa 18.5; MPa
The maximum flow hydraulic system: 2 x 72 L / min
The pneumatic control system working pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.8MPa
TZG-175 iron roughneck developed in 1991, using the pneumatic controlled hydraulic type, large torque, a fully hydraulic iron roughneck USA company Varco is more suitable for China's national conditions, can make full use of air crew. To reduce product cost, is beneficial to the improvement of the degree of localization. The device is installed in the well track, can move forward and backward, the frame can identify the holes. The oblique iron roughneck applied to 6000m drilling rig. The device structure is more complex, more operating process.
6.SKl0 type hydraulic makeup breakout device
The device is a special equipment for oil drilling process instead of the cathead axis of makeup breakout. Absorbed foreign similar products of advanced technology. Hydraulic system to complete the action. The field test by oil for 4 months in 7 wells. The use of safe, reliable, simple, rapid, high work efficiency. Can avoid the unsafe factors of cathead axis to bring, and can reduce the labor intensity of workers. In 1991, believes that organizational identification of the Economic Commission of Heilongjiang Province: the advanced product design, rational structure, reliable performance, simple operation, is a multifunctional device can replace the cathead safe, efficient and. In the leading position in the domestic similar products, provides a reliable and petroleum gel safe tool for petroleum drilling, the quality of the products reaches Q / MZ52-91 enterprise standard. To meet the requirements of the use of domestic drilling rig. The technical index of the device is breakout rated working pressure: 16MPa; the oil cylinder tension 100kN; speed of 0.2m / S; stroke 2m. Makeup rated working pressure 16MPa; the oil cylinder tension 34kN: speed is 0.5m / S; stroke 2m.

3.The domestic and foreign Drill pipe dynamic spinner technology development level comparison analysis
1.Comparison of the 850 type and the former Soviet Union of Ural heavy machinery plant AKB type 3M2 Power tongs technology ZQl00 Power tongs performance in China and USA Ecker companies see table.
Table three domestic and foreign technical performance comparison of Power tongs

2.Comparison of our Q200 type pneumatic Pipe spinner and USA Varco company SSW – 10 type Pipespinner analysis
(1) the spinner torque
USA several in our use of Pipe spinner, the torque is low, sometimes is not screwed to the shoulder thread. Q200 type gas in the dynamic Pipe spinner power from 4.41 to 6.62kW. Increased to 8.83kW, the cylinder diameter increased from 178mm to 200mm in diameter. On 5 L / 2in drill pipe, spinner torque of 981N m, the braking torque of 1471 ~ 1962N.m. torque ratio USA Varco company SSW-10 clamp about 30%.
(2) the clamping mechanism
The structure of SSW-10 type Pipe spinner clamping mechanism of domestic Q200 pneumatic Pipe spinner and Varco of the USA is basically the same, but domestic pneumatic clamp cylinder diameter than Varco big 22mm, so the clamping force and torque than the spinner Varco company the.
(3) reduction mechanism
America SSW a 10 type pneumatic Pipe spinner using the two gear reducer coupled with the transmission mechanism, a 2K planetary gear structure is complex, difficult to manufacture parts. But the domestic Q200 type pneumatic Pipe spinner using the 3K reducer, instead of dual planetary gear with a single gear, simple manufacture. Small size.
(4) gas control system
America SSW – 10 type pneumatic Pipe spinner pneumatic control system, compressed air hose, a movable joint, oil mist device into the three way pipe, is divided into two parts, one way is through the one-way valve to the two position four way manual valve, into the clamping cylinder, finish the clamp or release; the other path through the one-way valve to control valve into the gas motor. Use due to control spool rotation in the copper sleeve. The resistance of the system is large, the motor power loss of 1 / 3 to 1 / 4, spinner torque shortage. But the domestic Q200 type pneumatic Pipe spinner gas control system, the control valve of great resistance and a one-way valve cancel. For a ball valve switch of same diameter and pipe. Using the quick change joint reversing, the actual operating without frequent commutation, therefore, this scheme is simple and feasible.

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