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APPL Schedules Manufacturing Of Naphthanic / Paraffinic Transformer Oil

Arham Petrochem Non-public Restricted (APPL) is a Mini Petroleum Refinery, a premier name in Specialty Petroleum merchandise, APPL included on Dt. Thirtieth January 1997 as an Private Restricted firm – Mini Petroleum Refinery accredited & recognized by the government of India beneath Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (PESO) to course of Petroleum Crude Oil, Condensate & allied Hydrocarbons to produce (PIONA) Paraffinic, Isomeric, Olefinic, Naphthenic & Aromatic Specialty Petroleum products.

Chairman’s Message
Welcome to our wonderful world of Mini Petroleum Refinery; we began in the yr 1997 with an idea to supply “STPP” Small Tonnage Petroleum – Specialty PIONA Petroleum products particularly these merchandise which massive scale Refineries do not produce. At the moment, petroleum geologist equipment vancouver we’re the amongst largest Indian Specialty Petroleum producing company. We now have expanded the refining capability to fourfold this year (2015-2016) and are engaged on one other 4 folds in the approaching next 12 months (2016-2017).

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APPL petroleum geologist equipment vancouver Refinery growth part two accomplished and commercialised on Aug production 15,2015.
APPL schedules manufacturing of Naphthanic / Paraffinic Transformer Oil, Insulation Oil & allied thermal stable worth added premium products.