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Essentially the most Dangerous Man On Earth

And talking of planetary infernos, he additionally found himself weaponized when it got here to a second set of instruments of ultimate destruction about which he was no much less ignorant and to which he was much more in thrall. He delivered to the Oval Office ― Make America Nice Again! ― a petroleum refinery journal nostalgia for his fossil-fuelized childhood world of the 1950s. Weaponized by Huge Energy, he arrived ready to make sure that the wealthiest and most highly effective nation on the planet would clear the way for yet extra pipelines, fracking, offshore drilling, and just about every other imaginable form of exploitation of oil, natural gas, and coal (but notalternative power). All of this was intended to create, as he proclaimed, a new “golden age,” not just of American vitality independence however of “energy dominance” on a planetary scale. And here’s what that basically means: by his government orders and the decisions of the stunning vary petroleum refinery journal of climate deniers and Large Oil lovers he appointed to key posts in his administration, he can indeed be certain that ever more greenhouse fuel emissions from the burning of fossil fuels will enter the environment in the years to return, creating the idea for another sort of apocalypse.

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