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What , His Honesty, Sir Sri Kejriwal Forgot To ..

Here are only a few Facts with STATS which I dare to enumerate (whereas my honesty certificate is at stake) for better understanding of the difficulty of Krishna Godavari Basin and alleged(judged!) fraud by Mota bhai Mukesh Ambani, to Aam Aadmi like us (which after all Sir Kejriwal has no time to inform, for need of his Lok Sab…er…Lokpal ambitions ).

2000m3 storage tank– Public sector corporations like ONGC, account for two-thirds of all gas manufacturing. Reliance accounts for approximately one-fifth of ONGC’s share (barely 10 per cent) of whole fuel manufacturing. See here –
Welcome to Ministry of Petroleum&Natural Gasoline . It’s viciously wicked to say pricing is out to profit Reliance when the largest beneficiaries are GOVT. companies ( No sir, no I’m not saying that Ambani is not a vily insatiable fox ).

– Price change was advisable by C. Rangarajan and his six member panel, appointed by the previous petroleum minister, Jaipal Reddy, who was strongly anti-Reliance and opposed gasoline price hike. To assert that a committee appointed by Jaipal was actually tailor-made to help Ambani is unbelievable.(Please observe Jaipal Reddy has Sir’s ISO-9000 pure Arvind Kejriwal honesty certificate )

– Ex-RBI guv Dr C. Rangarajan’s also president of Indian Statistical Institute. His method determined gas pricing. Does he know his stuff or not

– I think this “Everybody’s a thief” factor should be utilized to Dr. Rangarajan too. And file FIR in opposition to him. (Sport Mr. Kejriwal )

– Two GOVT. OWNED companies ONGC and GSPC have also discovered offshore gas. The ONGC has repeatedly demanded not less than $ 7/unit to make manufacturing Financial. GSPC has asked for as much as $thirteen-14 /unit. ( Allow us to assume these are corrupt corporations, and agents of Ambani going by the requirements set by Sir Sri AK ).

– India is presently importing large quantities at $12-14 /unit. The government has signed an settlement to import gasoline from Turkmenistan, using a price formulation that is expected to cross $12/unit. Cabinet clears signing of pact for getting gas from Turkmenistan

We import 80 percent of our crude oil, and round forty-50 percent of our gas. The oil and gas imports are the primary reason inflicting a fiscal and current account deficit which has pushed the rupee down and made fuel and fertiliser even more costlier than they ought to be. Consistently flawed power pricing is the one most vital cause for the UPA government’s fiscal bankruptcy – and the resultant two-yr slowdown that exhibits no signs of reversing.

– Many power stations in India are closed for need of gasoline. India’s gasoline imports have shot as much as Rs 28,000 crore.( at the moment importing big quantities at $12-14 /unit). The Worldwide Energy Affiliation estimates that India’s gas imports will rise seventy two per cent by 2017.
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– I noticed the program Truth Vs Hype about gasoline pricing and heard AAP’s argument. It was mentioned in this system that best markets to compare gasoline costs would be north American one and the average costs of natural fuel would be around $ four per mmbtu. I checked the web site of US Energy Data Administration – U.S. Power Info Administration (EIA) about the identical . To my petroleum refinery mact review surprise I found the fuel prices quite risky relying on market stress, weather , demand and speculation, various between 4-8 dollars even inside this week. The prices are market pushed , and risky like share prices. It can be as low as 3.5 dollars or as excessive as 21 dollars as per information in the same webpage. AAP totally ignores these details and gave gasoline pricing a political colour with extreme left leaning tone crucifying RIL , and very subtly cast aspersions on other players within the controversy , which I feel is very unfair. (Alas ! I simply lost my AAM AADMI standing )

– It’s not as if that Mota Bhai CHOR Reliance was handed a properly the place it could simply put a pump and promote the fuel coming out. It had to discover, lose money, invest, create the infrastructure, and then get the fuel out. It has taken all of nine years to date.( Will it not be honest to account for the prices of oil exploration, and all of the related investments in manufacturing platforms, undersea installations, pipelines and many others. )

– As per the contract, once prices are recovered, 85 p.c of the profits earned go to the federal government – and that is OVER and ABOVE the royalties paid. So, some folks could argue the upper the price mounted for Reliance fuel, the faster the profit turnaround where the federal government itself starts getting eighty five p.c of its profit gas. (One sided contract, eh ! ! )

– Final but not the least, on the time of bidding for the oil and gas blocks, the government promised market-based pricing for all successful bidders. This promise has still not been fulfilled as we’ve got gotten into controlled pricing. So India’s name is foiled irrepairably, and prime exploration firms now avoid India. (Na Khata Na Bahi, Jo Kejriwal kahe wohi Sahin ).

Now utilizing anti-logic and believing in Sir Sri Arvind Kejriwalji’s Shoot and Scoot politics, here is the conspiracy principle-

“Arvind Kejriwal is in cahoots with oil multinationals (Shell, Exxon etc) to make India dependent on gasoline imports, bestowing an enormous windfall on the multinationals. There is an pressing must incentivise a big jump in home gas production. Instead Kejriwal and Co conspire to keep gasoline prices so low that it’s uneconomic to provide from large offshore fields. They’ve ignored protestations from the ONGC and GSPC that offshore costs of $7-thirteen /unit are essential to justify manufacturing. That is clearly a conspiracy to keep India fuel-scarce , and bestow billions of dollars on overseas fuel suppliers. What is Kejriwal’s own reduce

“Most international locations give choice to home producers over foreign suppliers. However Kejriwal needs to provide desire to excessive-priced imports over cheaper domestic production. This flagrant conspiracy goals to profit MNCs planning big new gas initiatives in Australia and Timor.

“Qatar is the biggest gasoline producer and exporter in Asia, and plans massive production will increase. It’ll clearly goal India, considered one of Asia’s top customers. Why do Kejriwal and Co need to profit Qatar, a rustic that has sent big sums to jihadis fighting in Syria Is there a secret link between Kejriwal and jihadis The CBI/Uncooked/IB must instantly investigate this hyperlink and expose all anti-nationwide parts.” (#ConspiracyTheory-copied)

Anyone who costs gas cheap(to the purpose the place India’s fuel isn’t mined on account of economic issues) is thus acting in opposition to the national interest. He’s making us dependent on the oil sheikhs of the Saudi peninsula. I’m positive, Sir Sri Kejriwal, you don’t consider your self a ‘dalaal’ of Turkmeni and Qatari fuel interests.(LOL)

Nicely, now coming to the politics of it, Arvind Kejriwal desperately needed a difficulty to combat with in the Lok Sabha polls after his freebie politics and lack of clear imaginative and prescient came in for enormous criticism, put up Delhi’s AK-49. The final word goal is to peddle conspiracy theories and let devil’s thoughts do the rest. I hope towards hope that Modi/Rahul Gandhi reply his other genuine questions on election campaign funding and come clear on them.

Disclaimer: I state firmly and with none worry or doubt, that I’m an AAM AADMI with NO connections with Reliance whatsoever. I have no business holding any transient for Reliance or anybody and imagine that because the matter is sub-judice, let the courts ( I hope they nonetheless have their ISO 9000 certificates of honesty with them) decide what is the correct pricing for the fuel. The following SC listening to on the matter is on March four, 2014.

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