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An Optimized Biological Method For Treatment Of Petroleum Refinery Wastewater

Title – An optimized biological approach for treatment of petroleum refinery wastewater.
Appears In – Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, v.4, no.Three, 2016 Sept, p.3401(eight)

Writer – Ebrahimi, Milad
– Kazemi, Hamidreza
– Mirbagheri, S.A.
petroleum refining capacity of india express – Rockaway, Thomas D.
Natural-Gas Processing EquipmentPublished – Elsevier B.V. 2016 Sept

Physical Description – Magazine/Journal article
Subjects – Environmental issues

Target market – Tutorial
Summary – To link to full-text access for this article, go to this link: Byline: Milad Ebrahimi, Hamidreza Kazemi, S.A. Mirbagheri, Thomas D. Rockaway Summary: Excessive sludge manufacturing is value prohibitive and a major concern in biological treatment of petroleum refinery wastewater. Thus, it is crucial to identify operational circumstances for remedy systems that lead to low sludge manufacturing of the system, while sustaining its high removing performance. This study assesses the feasibility of using contact stabilization process for secondary remedy of refinery wastewater by way of a step-by-step evaluation. The blended liquor dissolved oxygen (DO) and the rate of activated return sludge (RS) had been selected as operational parameters governing the optimum performance of the system. A complete number of 32 individual experiments petroleum refining capacity of india express had been performed on a pilot plant beneath four different aeration phases (DO) and eight RS percentages. The analyses investigated the biokinetic coefficients, observed removing efficiencies, and the quantity of produced sludge to establish appropriate operational situations. The results indicated that the system had an optimum performance underneath applied aeration of three.7mg oxygen per liter of mixed liquor and forty six% return sludge. This operational mixture resulted in COD elimination petroleum refining capacity of india express efficiency of 78% with each day biomass manufacturing of 1.42kg/day. Writer Affiliation: (a) Middle for Infrastructure Research, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, USA (b) Civil and Environmental Engineering, K.N.