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Golf Cart Batteries

It’s time to pop the hood and determine if the center of your electric golf cart survived the slumber, or deep freeze, of winter. Most deep cycle 6 volt and 8 volt batteries will survive and lead a productive life for 2 to 5 petroleum refining systems engineering jobs jobs years, however harsh situations similar to extreme chilly, or heat, can significantly shorten the lifespan of even the most strong battery. Lack of “cycling” the battery, discharging and recharging, also can result in an early demise.

There are a few tools that you will need so as to arrange to test and maintain your deep cycle, 6 and 8 volt batteries:

o Voltmeter
o Goggles and Gloves
o Publish / Clamp Cleaner
o Hydrometer
o Distilled Water, Baking Soda and Petroleum Jelly

Be sure to put on protecting gear while dealing with any battery and remove all jewelry, as the jewellery may create an arc between battery posts, resulting in serious harm. Do not permit battery acid that may have leaked from the batteries to return into contact with your skin. Rinse your skin immediately should contact occur. The usage of baking soda will neutralize any spilled battery acid, and any corrosion on, or round, the battery posts. Never add acid to any battery, or smoke whereas changing batteries. Batteries emit hydrogen fuel that is extremely flammable and explosive in confined areas.

1) Study look of batteries. Check for cracks. Battery posts ought to be freed from corrosion. (Damaged, leaking, or bulging batteries needs to be replaced.)
2) Tighten vent caps and take away any dirt and debris from the highest of the battery utilizing baking soda. Rinse with water and dry with a cloth. (By no means use cleansers or solvents.)
3) Disconnect clamps. Clean the battery terminals and clamps with a post Refinery and clamp cleaner.
4) Apply a skinny coat of petroleum jelly to battery posts and reconnect clamps.

Add water only after fully charging your golf cart batteries. Earlier than charging, water should be overlaying the plates inside the battery. If the battery is absolutely or partially discharged, the water level must be above the battery plates.

o Never over-fill petroleum refining systems engineering jobs jobs your batteries or enable petroleum refining systems engineering jobs jobs battery plates to be exposed to air.
o Solely use distilled water.
o Routinely verify your water stage, including just sufficient to cover the battery plates.

You will need to evaluation the owner’s handbook when performing maintenance in your golf cart. Routine upkeep of your batteries will guarantee peak efficiency for years to return.