Probably the most Harmful Man On Earth

chlorine factory

And talking of planetary infernos, he additionally found himself weaponized when it came to a second set of devices of final destruction about which he was no much less ignorant and to which he was even more in thrall. He dropped at the Oval Office Make America Nice Again! a nostalgia for his fossil-fuelized childhood world of the 1950s. Weaponized by Huge Vitality, he arrived ready to make sure that the wealthiest and most powerful country on the planet would clear the way in which for but extra pipelines, fracking, offshore drilling, and nearly each different imaginable type of exploitation of oil, natural gasoline, and coal (but notalternative Point vitality). All of this was supposed to create, as he proclaimed, a brand new “golden age,not just of American power independence but of “energy dominanceon a planetary scale. And here’s what that really means: via his government orders and the selections of the gorgeous vary of local weather deniers and Huge Oil fans he appointed to key posts in his administration, he can certainly ensure that ever extra greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels will enter the environment in the years to come, creating the idea for an additional type of apocalypse.

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