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Huawei Smart City Solution Helps Yanbu Industrial City

PRNewswire/Asianet-Pakistan — In recent times, falling world oil prices have created challenging opportunity for Saudi Arabia to move in the direction of renewable power and opening new investments initiatives that can assist the financial system since oil generates about 70 % of the nation’s revenue. As such, Saudi Arabia announced its new transformation program called ‘Imaginative and prescient 2030’ in April 2016.

This formidable but achievable blueprint has clarified the goals of developing cities, attaining environmental sustainability, enhancing digital infrastructures, and expanding the variety of digital services. Particularly, this new initiative acknowledges the significance of increasing industrial clusters and attracting more high worth-added investments – as feasible methods to construct up nationwide competitiveness.

In keeping with Saudi Arabia’s vision, the Sensible Yanbu Industrial City challenge has began to construct upon the hopes of Saudi Arabian citizens for transformation.

Smart Yanbu Industrial Metropolis, a Transformative Engine for the Oil Kingdom
In 1975, Yanbu Industrial City was set up in line with a royal decree and managed by a Royal Fee. After more than forty years of quick progress, Yanbu industrial metropolis has grow to be the third largest oil refinery heart on the earth. It may well produce more than 1.1 million barrels of oil day-after-day, and its yearly industrial manufacturing capability reaches 131 million tons. Yanbu has additionally arrange the largest petroleum transportation port near the Red Sea and established key petroleum liquefying and processing places.

Yanbu industrial metropolis has turn out to be the beneficiary of excessive-pace industrialization. The environment friendly city format, vast roads, adequate public spaces, and inexperienced parks all point out the vitality of this quick growing city.

Nonetheless, Yanbu can be facing ever-increasing stress. For instance, restricted network bandwidth can not meet the necessities of governments, enterprises, and residents, affecting office efficiency and online entertainment experiences.

The each day operations of large refining factories, ports, and warehouses, as well as giant-scale metropolis development require a large number of heavy vehicles. Overloading and speeding by these heavy autos have prompted expensive upkeep for the roads. Public parking areas are troublesome to manage as a result of there are too many private automobiles. Road lighting prices are excessive.

Constructing rubble and waste are generally not dealt with in a timely method. Safety risks exist in densely populated areas. Numerous underground industrial services need security as a result of lack of monitoring.

In line with ‘Imaginative and prescient 2030,’ the Royal Commission for Yanbu (RCY) determined to take the lead in addressing the Yanbu industrial city challenges by constructing the Good Yanbu Industrial City.

Dr. Alaa Nassif, Chief Govt Officer (CEO) of RCY, stated, “Today’s international competition is fierce. We hope to maintain the competitiveness of the city through our Good City initiative. We have now targeted on industrial progress over the previous 40 years. Now, we will gradually shift to extra diversified sectors together with leisure, tourism, and science and expertise. In doing so, we need to create industrial clusters, improve collaboration between industries, broaden enterprise diversification, improve investment environments, and enhance competitiveness.”

“The imaginative and prescient of building a wise Yanbu Industrial Metropolis is aligned with the ‘Vision 2030’ goal. It aims to enhance the standard of life through a sensible city. We’ve set a sequence of particular goals. For example, all national transformation initiatives which were deliberate might be heading in the right direction; the annual good city revenue will exceed USD $sixty six million; the common incident response time will probably be lower than 7 minutes; the annual site visitors accidents can be fewer than 1,200; the optical fiber protection rate will likely be better than 59 p.c; the free Wi-Fi protection rate in public locations shall be increased than 70 percent; the public lighting costs will be reduced by 30 p.c; the waste clearing efficiency will grow by 30 percent; and the road maintenance prices will likely be lowered by 20 percent,” added by Dr. Nassif.

The Smart Yanbu Industrial City plan has three phases:
Phase 1 (Smart City 1.0): Focuses on the development of metropolis infrastructure, such as metropolis broadband and cloud computing, to build a linked metropolis
Phase 2 (Sensible Metropolis 2.0): Revolves round city applications, including security, intelligent public services, and environmental safety, to build a sensor-enabled metropolis
Part three (Good Metropolis three.0): Centers on town platform, overlaying the city management platform and good neighborhood portal, to ultimately build a completely clever city

The Smart Metropolis Initiative Pays Off After Two Rounds of Construction
It is unattainable to conceive of sensible cities with out sturdy info infrastructures. For Section 1 of the venture, metropolis broadband was the core, and RCY applied Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). Specifically, RCY offered public infrastructures akin to roads, buildings, energy grids, and water companies, metropolis optical networks, while the telecom operator Mobily delivered telecom infrastructures and Huawei supplied ICT options, together with sensible city information centers, GSM/3G/LTE, as well as associated service and operations assist programs.

This PPP mode gave full play to complementary advantages and ensured mutual advantages. As a result, the wired and wireless broadband networks throughout your complete city have been quickly constructed, providing excessive-pace community entry providers, and delivering improved network experiences for governments, industrial, and residential areas.

In addition, open entry networks were deployed to connect the transportation sign amenities to arrange for the development of the following part of the Sensible Metropolis.

In 2016, for Phase 2 of the undertaking, sensible applications have been launched. Aiming to boost municipal administration, RCY focused on eight smart applications, including Heavy Car Administration, Smart Waste Management, Sensible Streetlight, Good Parking, Smart Power Efficiency Monitoring, Crowd Density Evaluation, Good Manhole Cover, and Comprehensive Performance Assessment. These applications improve municipal administration efficiency, enhance public security, and create a greater living surroundings.

Huawei provided a comprehensive portfolio of network and IT options (together with wireless entry factors, routers, switches, servers, storage, and 2G/3G/4G base stations), devices comparable to surveillance cameras, the eSight + Network Administration System (NMS) platform which uniformly manages community-broad devices, and software program merchandise supplied by Huawei companions. All these assist be sure that the info collected by entrance-end gadgets will be transmitted to the again-end system in a safe, stable, and real-time manner for administration and evaluation.

Heavy Automobile Administration: Virtually all industrial cities have these large headaches: Overloading and speeding of vehicles, which make the highway easy to be damaged, and need loads of upkeep costs. To forestall this, Yanbu has buried pressure and length sensors in important entrances and exits of the industrial areas. These sensors work with HD License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras which can be set up on the roadside to accurately report details about all automobiles passing by, such as the registration data, pace, and weight.

By means of the networks, routers, and switches, such information will probably be uploaded to the automated management system that may assess penalties to autos for overloading and dashing. High efficiency of road transportation is essential to a rustic that is undergoing transformation. The new dynamic weighing system doesn’t require vehicle docking or guide steerage; due to this fact, the traffic shouldn’t be affected. The dynamic weighing system additionally does not require fastened weighing websites or staff for on-site work, reducing development and operations prices by 80 p.c.

Smart Waste Management: In Saudi Arabia, the recent weather accelerates rubbish deterioration. Nonetheless, virtually all rubbish bins are uncovered, give an unpleasant smell, and attract stray cats, dogs, and mice, which will increase the danger of illness infection and adversely impacts people’s life comfort and well being. The Good Waste Administration Solution gives capability sensors powered by solar energy.

With such capacity sensors installed, the fill-stage of a rubbish bin is reported in actual time, in order that the administrator can optimize the driving routes of garbage automobiles to enhance the rubbish assortment efficiency. In addition, the oil consumption of rubbish vehicles is monitored. The administrator is notified of all distinctive modifications in the oil quantity to stop oil theft.

Smart Streetlight: The outdated streetlight system had restricted administration and management over streetlights. The system might simply activate and off streetlights, and only notify the related management division of streetlight faults. Now, the vitality-consuming and excessive-voltage sodium lamps that couldn’t be remotely controlled have been replaced with new LED lighting modules, which feature low vitality consumption, might be robotically turned on/off, and can purification of petroleum have brightness adjusted based on the environmental situations.

Using such modules reduces the lighting energy consumption by 70 %. With the Smart Streetlight system, the lighting coverage could be flexibly configured and modified on a per-streetlight basis, as a substitute of the normal energy-on and power-off primarily based on the power phase line. The administration platform offers information concerning the working status and repair life of each streetlight, which reduces the workload of traditional road gadget inspection.

In addition, by integrating terminals comparable to digital signage, atmosphere monitoring sensors, emergency alarming gadgets, audio system, and surveillance cameras, the streetlights can provide various data (reminiscent of emergency notification, business, and weather) and supply convenient companies (equivalent to emergency calls and video surveillance), constructing a greater interactive platform for bridging the federal government and residents.

Smart Parking: The parking tons in Yanbu have long been freed from charge for residents, which objectively results in unfair allocation of parking sources in standard locations. While holding most parking heaps free of cost, the good parking administration system prices the residents who use the parking lots in in style places. Such a profitable combination of technologies and economics ensures that assets are supplied based upon citizens’ needs.

The utilization of a parking space is reported in real time by the geomagnetic and infrared sensor installed on the parking space. The number of accessible parking areas and the occupancy duration of every parking area are automatically and shortly determined. Citizens will pay parking fees in varied methods, such as utilizing cell phones and parking fee machines.

Good Vitality Efficiency Monitoring: The excessive incomes in Saudi Arabia allow residents to get pleasure from low-cost electricity services which inevitably will increase useful resource consumption and creates a burden to the vulnerable ecosystem. RCY has decided to reduce power consumption in workplace areas and set a great example to encourage citizens to boost their consciousness of power conservation. The energy consumption sensors in workplace buildings can collect power consumption knowledge on every area in real time.

Then, various administration approaches based on power consumption knowledge comparability may be taken to purification of petroleum enhance authorities staff’s consciousness of vitality financial savings and promote affordable power consumption. The sensors can also remotely control the facility supply. Throughout non-working hours, the sensors will be remotely managed to shut down the air conditioners and lighting units for extra vitality savings.

Crowd Density Evaluation: With the recognition of smartphones, Wi-Fi is now everywhere. Consequently, monitoring Wi-Fi indicators can precisely be taught the distribution and flows of individuals, allowing metropolis authorities to carefully comply with situations and take crucial measures in a timely manner within the case of any emergencies.

Sensible Manhole Cowl: As an industrial city experiencing speedy progress, Yanbu has numerous pipes, valves, and connectors put in underground. The manhole covers for accessing these facilities have turn out to be a focus for security measures to guard the underground amenities from changing into targets for assaults.

The Good Manhole Cover Resolution provides distant management over manhole covers. The covers might be opened solely when maintenance is required, stopping unauthorized entry. Several types of sensors resembling hazardous gasoline detection and water permeation detection sensors can be installed on the covers for various kinds of manholes, monitoring overflow accidents in real time and ensuring the safety of personnel contained in the manholes.

Comprehensive Efficiency Assessment: With this comprehensive assessment system, the key tasks of all related metropolis departments might be deliberate and assigned in a unified method, and the progress of each department’s work indicators is monitored. This helps determine issues forward of time and discover the root causes. The unified performance indicators help promote collaboration between departments and hence improve authorities work efficiency.

Livable and Enterprise-friendly Metropolis with Greater Attractiveness
After two phases of Good Metropolis building, Yanbu Industrial City is beginning to get pleasure from many advantages. The street maintenance value has been decreased by 20 %; the garbage clearing effectivity has been improved by 50 %; the general price of the public lighting system has been diminished by 30 p.c; and the utilization of public parking spaces increased by 30 percent.

In the third part of Good Metropolis development, a giant Knowledge analytics platform, IoT information platform, and communications integration platform will be built to support municipal providers, investment pattern evaluation, good public amenities, emergency response and smart police providers, and build an integrated command middle.

RCY will proceed to deepen its collaboration with Huawei and leverage new technologies to enable residents to enjoy higher public providers and make Yanbu more enticing.

Thanks to daring exploration and practices, Dr. Alaa Nassif mentioned fortunately, “The Sensible Metropolis project has proven that our Royal Commission is visionary. We’re on the right track and all will profit from the Sensible City undertaking, including the government, enterprises, and people. Smart Metropolis construction not solely enormously improves Yanbu’s public service stage, but in addition enhances its capability of attracting excessive value-added investments.

“Since the development of Smart Yanbu Industrial Metropolis in 2014, the expansion charge of external investments has reached 16 p.c, much greater than the previous 2.5 %; by June 30, 2017, RCY has 81 corporations of Gentle/Support business in operation, 36 beneath development, and 33 in design; eating places account for 16.7% in business institutions in operation, retail shops occupy 12.Forty two%, and enterprise places of work take up 14.9%; the satisfaction charge of residents has reached 90 percent; and the income from the Good City building is constantly rising and is expected to achieve USD $a hundred million in the following yr.”

“With deeper development of the Sensible Metropolis venture,” he added, “increasingly more young folks choose to work and begin a new life in Yanbu. Both the employment fee and the inhabitants are increasing in a wholesome and orderly method.

” The cooperation and achievements of the RCY and Huawei for Sensible Yanbu Industrial Metropolis additionally establishes a good mannequin for other cities. Huawei leads a sturdy ecosystem. By flexible application of recent ICT improvements, we will now sense, analyze, and integrate extra city operations, enrich key data required by the management system, and make smarter, sooner responses to various necessities, corresponding to city governance, public companies, and business actions. I consider that such a knowledge-driven metropolis development path can inject new energy in direction of improving individuals’s lives, optimizing city operations and administration, and enhancing enterprise with other cities world wide.