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Entry-Level Service Technician Sources

Ever put gas in your automobile
In fact you’ve got. But have you ever ever wondered who retains that fuel pump pumping

1000’s of service technicians working for PEI member corporations keep gas flowing at sj petroleum machinery co germany millions of places world wide. The dispensers, nozzles, hoses and tanks all require routine upkeep or occassional restore to continue operating safely and providing gasoline, diesel, ethanol or CNG to billions of motorists. Regardless of the value of oil, the gasoline retains flowing. Even by means of the ups and downs, there shall be sj petroleum machinery co germany a need.

And at present more than ever, certified service techs are in demand. Refinery New technologies and regulatory modifications require the alternative or sj petroleum machinery co germany upgrade of thousands of fuel dispensers. Mechanically inclined individuals who enjoy working outdoors and the challenge of fixing issues can discover a desirable place in most areas of the U.S.

Discover the career opportunities out there as a petroleum equipment service technician. Meet three techs who’ve found their area of interest in our trade — all by very totally different paths.

So the following time you fill up, don’t just assume about the value per gallon. Suppose about your future.

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