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What US Crude Oil Inventories Imply For Oil

August West Texas Intermediate crude oil (VDE) (RYE) (SCO) futures contracts fell 0.1% to $forty two.5 per barrel in electronic trade at 1:50 AM EST on June 22, 2017.

Prices have fallen~19% previously year. They’ve fallen ~17.5% since OPEC’s meeting. Strikes in crude oil prices impression oil producers like ConocoPhillips (COP), Chevron (CVX), Stone Energy (SGY), and Denbury Sources (DNR).

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EIA’s crude oil inventories
The EIA (U.S. Vitality Information Administration) launched its weekly crude oil stock report on June 21, 2017. It reported that US crude oil inventories fell by 2.7 MMbbls (million barrels) to 509.1 MMbbls on June 9-sixteen, 2017.

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A Reuters survey solidkey petroleum machinery 3rd edition estimated that US crude oil inventories could have fallen by 2.1 MMbbls for the same interval. A bigger-than-anticipated fall in US crude oil inventories didn’t support oil prices on June 21, 2017. Prices fell resulting from oversupply considerations and bearish solidkey petroleum machinery 3rd edition drivers, which we lined in part 1 of this series.

Cushing crude oil inventories additionally fell by 1.08 MMbbls on June 9-sixteen, 2017. Crude oil costs fell despite the fall in US and Cushing inventories.

US crude oil inventories usually fall at the moment of the year. Inventories have fallen zero.5% for the week ending June 16, 2017—compared to the previous week. Inventories have risen 1.8% year-over-year.

US crude oil inventories fell by 0.9 MMbbls on June 9-16, 2016. The 5-12 months common decline is at 1.Three MMbbls throughout this interval.

Impression of world and US crude oil inventories
US crude oil inventories have fallen by 24.8 MMbbls within the final ten weeks. Saudi Arabia might impression US inventories. However, US and world inventories are above the 5-year common, which might weigh on crude oil prices.

If prices continue to fall, OPEC may consider deeper manufacturing cuts within the near future. On June 20, Iran’s oil minister stated that deeper manufacturing cuts are potential.