Tales Of My Waist Size Hairventure!

Ceramic rasher ring

Superior job & very useful!!!! It is clear n concise & most of all — welcoming!!!! Find it Liquefied irresistible!!!! I myself started using castor oil on its own, and within the first 24 hours, I noticed baby regrowth on my hairline on the best side. NO JOKE!!! So I knew that is one thing i might have to persist with. Oiled my scalp for two months, and all my bald patches had new development. 🙂 Continued for one more 3-4 months as a result of I wished to repair the remaining small bald spot on the back of my head, however there was no precise regrowth. Although, I had a lot more hair all around the scalp – ie – thicker, robust, luscious head of hair — except for that tiny bald spot in the back. So I started applying a castor oil with onion & garlic oils in them, and YAY, that tiny patch started to vanish. Solely downside is, I’ve stopped ordering from this firm, because the delivery n dealing with prices is ASTRONOMICAL!!!! I just could not afford it ultimately. So I want to ask you, if it is feasible to add onion juice to the castor oil?? Would it not mix at all, contemplating onion juice is water based?? I learn above which you can add onion juice with olive oil, so i am virtually certain that castor oil would additionally work?? However castor is very thick in consistency?! :/ Sorry for the looooooooong essay :O :p Hope to listen to from you soon. And properly completed together with your blogs — you’re serving to so many individuals!!!