The Exxon-Treasury Struggle And The Roots Of Russiagate

A glut of oil on the worldwide market has crashed oil costs and tanked the Russian economy in the last few years. Nonetheless, Russia is now second to the United States in oil and gas manufacturing, and solely the Strategic U.S. fracking growth of the past 5 years places the U.S. within the lead. And in brokering the Russian deal, Exxon promised to teach Rosneft to frack, with made-in-America technology and equipment. This step would inevitably result in a Russian glut of oil and gasoline production, just as the U.S. is now experiencing. That would further depress international energy costs, and make U.S. oil and gas less aggressive and fewer worthwhile on the global market. The dubious ÔÇťAmerican Vitality Dominanceobjective set by Trump would certainly be undermined.