The right way to Cook Halibut On The Grill

Inside the tower and packingHalibut is a large Pacific ocean fish that can grow to 8 toes in size and weigh as much as seven hundred lbs. The meat of the halibut is white and flaky, with a stable texture. You’ll be able to usually find halibut at the fish counter in grocery stores, or in specialty fish retailers. The oven and stovetop are frequent cooking methods for halibut, however grilling is also an possibility. Grilled halibut takes on among the smokiness of your barbecue and the signature grill marks enhance the presentation on the plate.

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Step 1
Turn your barbecue on to medium-high and oil down the grates with vegetable oil on a clean cloth.

Step 2
Season the halibut fillets or steaks by sprinkling each sides with salt and pepper.

Step three
Place the halibut on the grill, with the pores and skin aspect down if the fish still as the pores and skin on.

Step 4
Close the lid on your barbecue and cook the halibut for roughly 4 minutes. Flip it over and cook for four minutes on the other facet.

Step 5
Take away the halibut when the meat flakes off simply with a fork.

Issues You will Need

Vegetable oil


Salt and pepper


Make a sauce or vinaigrette with lemon juice, onion, garlic or white wine and drizzle over the fish for added taste. You can even add a sauce or marinade earlier than the fish goes on the grill.
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