The Third Curve-The end Of Development As We Know it

The Third Curve-The top of Progress as we comprehend it.

Inside the tower and packing

:-Mansoor Khan

As talked about earlier what I try do in these posts is to make notes and mention excerpts of the books I read for future reference so that I do not have to go through your entire guide once more and simply by reading these notes I get a good concept of the book and what I learn.

Why did I picked up this guide?

I started reading this book as the future of energy was a
question at all times in my thoughts and this book seemed to be the correct match for a
layman like me to grasp the economics, oil manufacturing particulars and energy
science (after studying it , I really feel more detail in some components would have been

In regards to the writer.(As mentioned within the ebook)

An alumnus of IIT Mumbai, Cornell University , and MIT, Boston,
Mansoor Khan began his career as a film -maker and went on to make function
movies that received a number of nationwide awards. In 2003,he moved to Coonor to understand
his life’s aspiration of starting a self -supporting ,organic farm. Spread over
22 acres, the farm ,Acres Wild, performs host to these looking for different
life-style expertise.

The creator has delivered lectures on numerous facets of The Third Curve at
establishments like the Indian School of Enterprise ,Indian Institute of Administration,
The Overseas Services Institute, CEO Membership(Bangalore),Chartered Accountants Affiliation and Morgan Stanley.


  • Curves-Concept vs. Actuality
  • Peak Oil
  • Alternative Energy Solutions
  • The Third Curve
  • Transition

The Third Curve

The e book starts with the just a quote written on a page .

The quote is

“Deal with Actuality or reality will deal with you.”-Unknown

“Till the ’60s
we felt that the sky was the limit .The horse cart gave strategy to the motor automotive.
Air journey changed sea journey. Machines replaced man. And man was free to dream and create much more.”

The writer mentions in regards to the era of modernization, the
improvement of technologies, and the Paradise
Times the place having an concept and the ability to use the thought was essential the
power wants were not an issue at all.

Mr .Khan explains the theory of ‘Idea vs. Reality’ with
nice element ,elaboration ,and examples to make layman understand his thought . He
explains that the overall idea of growth(Idea) is unrealistic and the actual
doable path (Actuality) may be very completely different from that of the concept.

He explains that the precise graph of development(financial and oil
production) may seem to be similar as that of the concept however is just part of
it and the actual graph of oil production is a bell curve instead of the
exponential curve of idea.

Mr . Khan mentions the term ‘Peak oil ‘ and tells that peak of the oil manufacturing curve is close to future and after that peak it is going to be downfall in oil productions
subsequently limiting of vitality and development.

“Development for the sake
of the expansion is the ideology of the cancer cell”
-Edward Abbey

The e book explains the concept of peak oil, how oil is the
spine of progress of the know-how, society, economies and also that no different
energy source is capable to replace it and the important by products it provides. He highlights the truth that the oil formed in final 150 million years by pure processes is already half empty in 150 years and the speed at which oil is being taken out the existence of more oil will not be doable as after all of the Earth system is closed one which will get vitality only in form of photo voltaic power and nuclear vitality. As for photo voltaic power the vitality in oil is nothing but photo voltaic energy which plants absorbed and the animals which eat the plants. He later within the guide does explain how nuclear power is just not dependable and its heavy dependence on oil.

Mr. Khan explains in great particulars how there is a denial for the concept of peak oil and the potential issues relating to it. He writes about how the different ways proposed for future power are false .He tells that Peak oil is a predicament and not a problem which may be solved.

The ebook tells about the ways how alternate power solutions
are nothing however a mirage of hope.

The Third Curve
is nothing however the path to be taken for a greater future to regulate the power
wants with the power supply. He proposes totally different neighborhood setups for
coping with the state of affairs

My take(for now)*:
I totally agree with the half that oil is restricted and the way that the oil manufacturing is not going up in long term, which is obvious .What I’m not satisfied
is about the details given regarding nuclear power and its future, I understand
its drawbacks but oil had drawbacks too, additionally nothing is mentioned about fusion
vitality. These alternate energies are just labelled as false hope and no
detailed perception is given.