Think about What Life Can be Like In A World With out Oil Petroleum Products

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Think about what life would be like in a world without oil petroleum products
Up to date on December 5, 2013 Barbara extra The issue
The Gulf Oil spill inspired a panic harking back to the OPEC Oil Embargo back in 1973-1974. “We’ve got to reduce our dependence on oil!” People shout, as oil slicks our ducks and pristine beaches. “We’ve received to return to Different Fuels…”

President Jimmy Carter “attempted to awaken the American public to the concept that the energy crisis was a roughly permanent condition reflecting the true draw-down of the nation’s primary nonrenewable useful resource. He attempted to vogue a coherent nationwide energy coverage, passed tax and price incentives for hydroelectric improvement, restarted Nixon’s Challenge Independence to develop synthetic hydrocarbon and alternative fuels. In April 1977, Carter declared the nation’s vitality predicament was the ethical equivalent of warfare. He also installed solar water heaters on the White Home roof and a wood stove within the White House, which have been both subsequently eliminated by Ronald Reagan.”

Of course, Carter was ridiculed for his Scientific Imaginative and prescient and degraded to a One Time period Guy. I was on observe to turn out to be an Info Specialist on the Photo voltaic Power Resource Institute when it happened- or fantasized, anyway, that my MBA would get me a job of their expanding Golden office. My optimism deflated when Reagan took workplace and minimize funding for SERI.

I grew to become a bit cynical concerning the Republican Occasion, grew to become and Unbiased and American dependency on oil continued unchecked. As of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill April 20, “US offshore oil manufacturing of 565 million barrels per year equated to roughly 1.5 million barrels per day (30% of whole US oil manufacturing); distinction that figure with U.S. present oil consumption of 21 million barrels per day.”

Oil (petroleum)
In addition to vitality, merchandise made from petroleum embody: Ink, Crayons, Bubble gum, Dishwashing liquids, Deodorant, Eyeglasses, CDs and DVDs, Tires, Ammonia, Coronary heart valves

Home basics
How can we get electricity to generate energy in the primary place?

Electricity from Oil
Whereas oil continues to decline in reputation as an electricity gas, in locations reminiscent of New York, oil still contains about 8 % of the state’s electricity fuel combine.
Imagine Life without Oil Dependence
It is overwhelming to think about that some day fish within the Gulf is likely to be immune to oil spills.

In a world void of petroleum products, we’d don’t have any propane or gasoline. Helium, sulfur and other biproducts of petroleum shall be scarce.

One Wikipedia site claims the petroleum trade is of significance to “the maintenance of industrial civilization itself, and thus is a essential concern for a lot of nations.”

Isn’t The Industrial Age a part of our historic Previous? Transitioning from the knowledge Age to the Connection Age requires new sensibilities and skills.

Actually the over 400 million folks worldwide who work in the oil enterprise shall be pressured to alter their habits. These individuals work in labor, trades, technical, administrative and skilled roles. In a world without the petroleum business, there shall be lots of unemployed folks trying to create and handle relationships across data goods, hardware, and people.

Dwelling without these products may deflate your commitment to wash Vitality sources.
Toys/Dolls/Balloons/Roller skate wheels/Model automobiles/Wading pools/Crayons/Milk jugs. Children survived with trees and rocks for centuries.

Tents/Skis/Cameras/Boats/Motorcycle helmets/Beach umbrellas/Fishing lures/Fishing rods/Fishing boots/Life jackets/Golf balls/Golf luggage/Tennis rackets/Dice. New adult leisure activities won’t be that difficult to generate.

Unbreakable dishes/Refrigerator linings/Electric blankets/salad bowls/Umbrellas/Ice chests/Ice buckets/Ice cube trays/Clotheslines. And there will be no Luggage to pack for a hasty exit.

Tires/Automotive sound insulation/Sports automotive bodies/Car battery circumstances/Safety glass/Oil filters/Fan belts. Transportation choices will change. That’s why we’ve got engineers.

Shoes/Purses/ Dresses/Pajamas/Pants/Permanent Press clothing/Sweaters/Panty hose. What did early man do to cowl herself? Designers, draw it in the sand!

Yarn/Glue/Dyes/Candles/Rubber Cement/Caulking/Putty/Electrician’s tape/Clear tape/Synthetic rubber/Paint Brushes/Paint rollers/Plastic wood/Linoleum/Tv cabinets/Awnings/Water pipes/Backyard hoses/Ground wax/Cleaning soap dishes/Upholstery/Home paint/Curtains/Instrument racks/Ammonia/Fertilizer/Rest room seats/Roofing/Carpeting/Wire insulation/Folding doorways/Shower doorways/Shower curtains/Roofing shingles/Plywood adhesive/. Caves are adaptable and cozy I’m told.

Combs/Soft Contact lenses/Faucet washers/Trash bags/Hand lotion/Shampoo/Cold cream/Hair coloring/Deodorant/Hair curlers/Eyeglasses/Sunglasses/ Nail polish/False teeth/Lipstick/Petroleum jelly/Shaving cream/Toothbrushes/Toothpaste/Drinking Cups/Perfume/ Shoe polish/DISPOSABLE DIAPERS. There is another to toothbrushes. Please say it is so.

Mops/Dishwashing liquid/Vitamin capsules/Food preservatives/Rubbing alcohol/Insect repellent/Antihistamines/Insecticides/Antiseptics/Anesthetics/Detergents/BandAids/Aspirin/Synthetic limbs/Heart valves/Hearing aids/Vaporizers/Cortisone. I’m getting a bit overwhelmed.

Parachutes! I need to bury my head in my Pillow! But NO, these too are off the listing.

My Phone has been confiscated. I pull out Marks’ guitar, however alas it has no Guitar Strings. Loudspeakers, VCRS, Film Film… GONE!

Credit score cards have change into toxic waste. Wait… some things by no means change.

The Source: Unleash Your Natural Vitality, Power Up Your Health, and Really feel 10 Years Youthful Purchase Now Ridding your house of Petroleum Products
Pedestrians in oil dependent nations will discover it essential to wean themselves of objects they’ve grown accustomed to. Objects like Ink or Ballpoint pens. No downside, right? Now we have pencils and the Web…


According to Scribd, “computer manufacturing is power intensive: the ratio of fossil fuel use to product weight is eleven, an order of magnitude bigger than the issue of 1-2 for many other manufactured items. This excessive vitality depth of manufacturing, combined with rapid turnover in computer systems, ends in an annual life cycle vitality burden that is surprisingly high: about 2600 MJ per yr, 1.3 instances that of a refrigerator.”

In other phrases, computers rely on fossil fuels to exist. Pencils should do. Except manufacturing pencils additionally utilizes fossil fuels. What an internet we weave…

However wait! The Industrial Applied sciences Program is on it! Look at all of the books… this means analysis, which implies HOPE!

Brainstorming a change of perspective
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sendingAuthorBarbara 7 years ago from Stepping previous litter

billy, hit the nail, didn’t you?! It won’t be a quick change, but it is coming.

Nicks, sure as always, the US has to be the example. Everyone can hate us but we need to be responsible anyway. I’m sorry, however it’s tough to- as a nation- at all times be on the receiving finish of criticism. All of us have to be examples. We can’t go it off on one nation.

Actually, the menace of black carbon in India: “…With no cars and little electricity, Kohlua’s emissions of carbon dioxide, the primary heat-trapping fuel linked to international warming, are near zero. However soot also referred to as black carbon from millions of villages like this one in creating countries, is emerging as a serious and beforehand unappreciated supply of global climate change,”

and China’s unfettered economic growth: “…The standard of air in Chinese cities is more and more tainted by coal-burning energy plants, grit from development sites and exhaust from millions of recent automobiles squeezing onto crowded roads, in line with a government study issued this week. Different newly launched figures present a bounce in industrial accidents and an epidemic of pollution in waterways,”

go away me questioning whether it issues one bit what the US does or does not do.

Have a nice day and thanks for commenting.

Nicks 7 years in the past

Writing as a European, I really do suppose that the US has to chop down on petroleum products and become extra ecologically accountable. As probably the most powerful nation on Earth, the US must lead by instance. By so doing, it may go away an indeligible mark (to its nice credit score)that can final for centuries to come back.

billyaustindillon 7 years ago

Storytellus great hub and people when they go on about oil companies etc have do not know how a lot they depend on them. Your hub highlights that and reveals how one can change – plastics and renewable vitality are the two biggies.

Good level, nicomp. I wrote a hub on that yesterday, lol. Nice minds… Thanks in your comment! The little guys are the ones who change the world.

nicomp really 7 years in the past from Ohio, USA

If eliminating dependency on petrol is such an enormous deal, as many people working in the renewable vitality industries appear to think it’s, then we should be able to do it with out suckling at the federal Fawley government teat. Let’s not blame far-away bureaucrats, sure? Let’s dig into our personal pockets and leverage what we will control fairly than trying to legislate compliance. No one forces us to make use of plastic or to put gasoline in our autos or to buy products delivered in trucks. Nobody forces us to use electricity derived from burning fossil fuels.

Shalini, is it grim? I do not consider it as grim. I see it as data. Sharing info helps us transfer toward viable options, proper? I read your article on Peter Proctor and i recognize his dedication and generosity of spirit. Fortunately, he just isn’t the just one devoted to enhancing the world one plot at a time. I really feel a hub coming on… lol.

Amanda, I completely agree with you. I think that is the place I’m going with the above remark to Shalini. I hadn’t learn your remark after i answered her. Bottom up all the way! This is what her article on Proctor is about, the truth is… is that accurate, Shalini?

Due to you each for caring and passionate responses.

tonymac, you make excellent points as all the time. One concern I had about wind energy is its destructive results on birds. I found a site that addresses my concern:… I’m glad people are inspecting these things from a practical viewpoint versus an emotional one. So many occasions this turns into a marketing campaign level for one occasion or the other.

I awoke thinking of writing a Jimmy Carter hub. I really like this man. All People did not diss him. As with Africa, there isn’t any such factor as All in terms of common opinion! It happens that the majority did, because they went ape over Reagan. But all People did not go ape over Reagan either. Though without his investment in pc research, I suppose you and i wouldn’t have met.

And it’s lovely to have met you!

Hugs, Barbara

Amanda Severn 7 years ago from UK

Proper now the human race is pelting headlong, helter-skelter on a collision course with catastrophe. I just completed studying a hub in regards to the oil spill which spells out exactly how this desparate scenario would possibly additional escalate, and that i got here away feeling really offended with the businessmen and politicians who regularly put their financial institution balances forward of the needs of humanity.

As your wonderful hub so clearly explains, we are over-whelmingly oil-dependant, and while you start trying at the list of oil-based and oil-derived merchandise in our day-to-day lives, you start to marvel that there is any oil left to harvest.

My feeling is that change in the twenty first century won’t be pushed from the top down, however from the underside up. From communities and households, and folks coming together with easy however inspirational ideas. Ultimately there shall be a tipping level, and perhaps it is going to come sooner than we imagine.

Shalini Kagal 7 years in the past from India

Hi Story – you have painted a quite grim picture and the tragic half is, we have slowly woven this net round ourselves until it looks like there is not any approach out. The factor is, there are alternatives that simply haven’t been allowed to see the light of day. What we have to do maybe, wherever on the earth we are, is to convey these issues to the fore and battle about them and get them implemented as an alternative of focussing on the people on top and whether or not or not we like them.

I see Tony’s point however I also wish to convey it to his and your attention that you could break the stranglehold of even giants like Monsanto. It is being performed in the grassroots stage in India by a man from NZ who’s nicely past his prime. Generally, all it takes is ONE person or ONE group of individuals. I think the identical could be executed for oil.

Tony McGregor 7 years in the past from South Africa

I actually preferred the vid of Chris Turner and the point he makes about the value of issues not being included in the current financial mannequin. I believe that’s a technique to begin taking a look at these issues differently. It’s not just a case of doing away with fossil fuels however of taking a look at the entire of life in a unique means. Understanding the carbon footprint concept is helpful, however it cannot be the entire story. The carbon footprint is a measure, not a purpose in and of itself. The purpose must be a world that is match for and supports joyous and wholesome human life. A world of abundance not shortages.

There was a slogan utilized by many firms and organisations over the years, that “our individuals are our greatest asset,” after which they continue to make use of the folks as if they have been worthless, just to be exploited and when one thing goes incorrect eliminate them. We have to get to a state of affairs the place persons are on the centre of everything. And people need the connections that run throughout life, from easiest to most complicated. So we will not simply say “Drill. child, drill” with out contemplating the results of the drilling platform on the migration patterns of the plankton within the water, because that might have an effect on the life cycle of the whales in the antarctic – I am exaggerating, sure, but the point remains that if all the pieces is linked, as I believe it is, then everythning we do, each decision we make, needs to be made in the sunshine of what the results will probably be elsewhere.

Arguing about whether or not world warming is actual or not is simply foolish. We have to take seriously the fact that the best way we reside has an affect on the world at large and that when that impact is unfavourable we need to do something to scale back or change it. One simple instance is the problem of GM foods and seeds. When the seeds produce plants that can not produce extra seeds that is an issue because then the subsistence farmer within the remote rural areas of Africa, for instance, can no longer reserve some of her produce to plant subsequent season, but has to make the lengthy and weary journey to a store where she can buy more seeds. That’s merely exploitation of her labour, for which she will get little return and the corporate making and promoting the seeds makes massive profits.

I’m rambling and can stop right here! Thanks for the very fascinating and helpful Hub, as always! Will look out for the Turner guide – I believe it sounds great.

BTW – I’ve long felt that the US would one day be very sorry that Carter was handled the best way he was. He has always come throughout to me as a good, honest and visionary particular person with plenty of genuine compassion in his heart.

Love and peace


AuthorBarbara 7 years ago from Stepping previous litter

Nellieanna, your enthusiasm is contagious! Thanks so much for all your comments. I agree, I agree, I agree!

wikinvest says, “Various energies like wind, photo voltaic, and geothermal, as well as alternative fuels like biofuels, ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, and fuel cells all see increases in demand when the value of oil, their important competitor, increases.”

So you may see that oil corporations do not necessarily profit from excessive oil prices. Additionally, the most important percentage of oil in a 42 gallon barrel goes to vitality makes use of, so it does make sense to concentrate on changing this first. The other products you mentioned could be phased out as new supplies grow to be accessible.

Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

I’m so into this. It’s so vital! My life is in its later years however I’ve youngsters, grandchildren and quite just a few nice-grandchildren, as well as some beloved step-family who might be Dwelling these conditions for years to come back.

I quite agree that individual efforts DO matter. We can and must DO what is offered to do, from our kitchens to our creativity and any other resource at our disposal. Our voices can make a difference too.

I’ve just been to my southwest Texas ranch the place the wind is fixed width:300px;height:250px” information-advert-client=”ca-pub-7547369567510288″ knowledge-web page-url=”//” data-advert-slot=”1186173963″>

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