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Vacuum Tower Bottoms

Vacuum Tower Bottoms (VTB) are the left over backside product of distillation, which might be processed in cokers and used for upgrading into gasoline, diesel and fuel oil.
Crude oil separation is performed in a collection of distillation towers, tianjin shengli petroleum equipment email with the bottom product from each tower feeding the subsequent from the top down. The resulting merchandise from the distillation tower course of range from gases at the top to very heavy, viscous liquids at the underside. In all instances, these “unfinished” product streams require further processing to turn into useful coke products.
Vacuum Tower Bottoms or “resid” are the heaviest materials within the refinery tower. If allowed to cool to room temperature, Vacuum Tower Bottoms would develop into a stable. Some Vacuum Tower Bottom product is definitely offered to the paving asphalt market as a mix part. The Delayed Coker is used to convert VTB material into more precious merchandise through the use of high temperature tianjin shengli petroleum equipment email to break the hydrocarbon chains. Vacuum Tower Bottoms are included in the refining process to make off road fuels, off spec fuels, biodiesel fuels ASTM B100 & B99, specialty fuels, and mixing stocks whereas enhancing profitability.