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On The Plate Heat Exchanger In Refrigeration Expertise Application And Growth

Introduction Plate heat exchanger is an efficient, compact heat switch equipment, the nineteenth century tiehu petroleum machinery korea 80’s first low-temperature sterilization system as a steady profitable development of the last century and the start of 20 years utilized in meals business. Because the plate heat exchanger within the manufacture and use has some distinctive features. Due to this fact, the current plate heat exchanger has been widely used in petroleum, chemical business, light industry, electricity, Metallurgy , Machinery, vitality and other industries to become highly heat exchanger family Competitors Force species. China is 60 years from the final century began producing plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger has many areas in China have been extensively used.

Patent-oriented sieve trayIn refrigeration expertise, heat is just not the lack of refrigeration equipment, Condenser , Evaporator, heat exchanger and intercooler and other heat switch equipment, not only in weight, quantity and the entire metallic consumption of refrigeration equipment on greater than 50%, but will also have a major affect on cooling efficiency. Subsequently, the heat transfer enhanced cooling heat exchanger to cut back the weight and volume, reduce the metallic consumption has been the event of refrigeration know-how in the course has been the emergence of a brand new, full Welding Type of plate heat exchangers in refrigeration technology utility, and demonstrated strong progress potential.

And refrigeration of shell-tube heat exchanger compared to, along with the general characteristics of plate heat exchangers, refrigeration plate heat exchanger additionally has the next features. Refrigerant small quantity is helpful to environmental safety and decrease operating costs

Shell and tube heat exchanger shell aspect and tube side of the quantity is large, make the cooling system to work, you need to Charge large number of refrigerants, and should cause environmental pollution. The plate heat exchanger, one small, on the other hand pitch measurement can also be small.

Much less tendency to freeze, frost excessive performance As the water at low velocity
when the plate heat exchanger could be formed in a high diploma of turbulence, temperature distribution is uniform, thereby reducing the tendency to freeze chilled water. Even if the freeze occurred, and better in a position to withstand the strain generated by freezing, fairly than shell and tube heat exchanger heat pipe Splitting as simply, and might continue to use after freezing.

Evaporated utterly, the economic system and high
Refrigerant within the cooling plate heat exchanger in the evaporator, it is straightforward to realize without complete evaporation of liquid stage, so in most cases, refrigeration systems do not set the fuel-liquid separator. And straightforward to achieve cell-based, straightforward to install, maintain, and might save transportation prices and reduce costs.

As with the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger compared to refrigeration plate heat exchanger has very apparent benefits, for the reason that 70s of final century began to be applied in refrigeration equipment and has been growing consideration has been paid, Particularly, many developed international locations, resembling Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia and so very significantly refrigeration plate heat exchanger analysis and utility. Japan within the eighty’s of final century with a plate heat exchanger, refrigeration, and refrigeration gear in use, received a good economic returns, a number of the world well-known firms similar to York Refrigeration, Carrier, Hitachi, even have the refrigeration equipment use of plate heat exchanger. After ninety years of the twentieth century, refrigeration plate heat exchanger has been additional developed, an ammonia refrigeration system can be applied to plate heat exchanger developed in Sweden Stael firm. This new mixture of composite plate heat exchangers, plate and brazing characteristics. Compared with the Freon cooling system, using this plate heat exchanger unit, not only in ammonia refrigeration system materials, volume weight, had an obvious benefit, but also the coefficient of efficiency is 10% ~ 20%. At present, this system has been formed eight products, cooling capacity from 10kw ~ 1000kw. Ammonia with the successful development of plate heat exchanger, not only expanded the plate heat exchanger in the application of refrigeration know-how, and the protection of atmospheric ozone, defending the atmosphere are of nice significance, but additionally will promote the additional development of refrigeration expertise.

China because the early 60th century, began producing plate heat exchanger, by 1994, to power-environment friendly products designated in the plate heat exchanger manufacturers that up to 15, and a few manufacturers additionally carried out and heat transfer plate evaporator Traits of labor, but additionally restricted production of those factories, plate heat exchanger (DHE). In China, the refrigeration application of plate heat exchanger is still in its infancy, many refrigeration manufacturers before their merchandise are used within the refrigeration heat exchanger, and its merchandise are broadly favored by the users. Might be expected, with the usage of plate heat exchanger on the cooling understanding and tiehu petroleum machinery korea consciousness of its high heat transfer plate heat exchanger, compact, energy-saving and environmentally friendly features and supplies, etc. will an increasing number of broadly used in refrigeration device.

Plate heat exchanger is a compact and environment friendly heat transfer equipment, its application to nearly all industrial areas, and its kind, structure and scope continues to be increasing. Lately, welded plate heat exchanger of compact, mild weight, cooling performance, low operating cost advantages have been more and more recognized. As China’s economic development, the development of viable long-time period refrigeration technology, particularly the sorts of massive industrial refrigeration tools and Air conditioning Cooling machine with the fast growth, which for numerous cooling functions with the heat exchanger to offer a broad market.

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