To Our Animal Buddies, Have We Gone Too Far?

Animal and plant life existed on earth long earlier than people made their … … As Man advanced from Hunter and Gatherer to a mass … and … species, animals have endure

Animal and plant life existed on earth lengthy before humans made their evolutionary look. As Man advanced from Hunter and Gatherer to a mass producing and slaughtering species, animals have endured immense suffering.

Throughout historical past, animals have been used for meals, medication, clothing and shelter…etc. Native Peoples didn’t harvest animals with out giving a thought to the life that was taken. It was the complete opposite; they thought of themselves part of the natural and spiritual worlds and had sturdy ties to the land on which they lived. Lots of the early cultures paid tribute to the animals that had been taken; ceremonies within these cultures had been usually held for the hunted animal indicating a respect for the animal. They thought-about religion a operate of daily exercise, with rituals able to influencing the interconnected realms of bodily and supernatural existence. Shamans, or drugs men, served as priests, and so they led tribal members in rituals believed to make sure an ample meals provide. (1.)

Man, The Industrialist, has eradicated all respect for animals. To Man, the one life of worth is the human consumer. The aim of animals to the Industrialists and company Moguls: use animals anyway and in whatever numbers to make billions from the fat, spoiled, lazy consumers of the industrialized countries. There are numerous incidents supporting their greed:

1. Man has developed the know-how to create clothes that is furless. There isn’t a need to kill animals for fur. But, because of human arrogance, greed, selfishness and amoral beliefs, tens of millions and thousands and thousands of animals are being exterminated each year.

2. We’ve exploited our oceans; dumping lethal oil into the waters, destroying marine life, and wiping out the fish stocks.

3. Polluted rivers and streams, air pollution, and utilizing the planet as our personal personal rest room, is destroying our planet and all of its species

How we maintain animals has deteriorated to the point of calling the care and manufacturing of these animals genocidal, or more fitting, speciecidal:

Avian Influenza

The illness has been suspected for greater than a hundred years, first described in Italy in 1878. (2.) The key transmission from farm to farm is the motion of contaminated poultry throughout countries, and wild birds are only a scapegoat Mass manufacturing and housing 1000’s of birds increases the chance of an outbreak of the illness. What is probably going nonetheless is that the illness will, like human ‘flu, proceed to happen in outbreaks from now on. The structure of the modern poultry business virtually guarantees it. (3.) Culling wild birds will never cease Avian Influenza.

What results is the brutal mass killing of upward of fifty million birds or more although transmission to humans could be very low. In some unspecified time in the future in their lifetime, most individuals have possible consumed meat from a hen that was a virus service.

Mad Cow Illness (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy/BSE)

Mad Cow Illness is the generally used title for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), a slowly progressive, degenerative, fatal disease affecting the central nervous system of adult cattle. (4.) The disease is unfold by moving animals from nation to country and by mixing useless animal tissue (mind and spinal cord) in the cattle feed.
What resulted from the lack of concern for the cattle, themselves, was a widespread slaughter of tens of millions of animals.

Because we now have advanced to a mass producing species, animals have develop into a method to fulfilling our gluttonous wishes and obsessions. Someplace along the evolutionary ladder, we determined that it was ok to brutalize animals as long it advantages or amuses us.

We cant help however wonder if the human race will become its own worst enemy that can not be defeated. We should look to our previous, at traditional native peoples respect for the animals they hunted. We will study a lot from our previous, not simply the errors.


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