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10 Reasons To Oppose The Keystone XL Pipeline

With the clock ticking down on a ultimate resolution by the Obama administration on Keystone XL, it is a great time to summarize causes to oppose a challenge that appears extra like a pathway to pollution than a gateway to our gasoline pumps.

Citing the risk to public health and the way the mission would hasten the climate disaster, nurses have been on the front line of protests towards Keystone, a 1,seven-hundred-mile pipeline that might transport 830,000 barrels of soiled tar sands oil day-after-day from Alberta, Canada to U.S. Gulf Coast refineries, largely for export.

Here is 10 explanation why:
1. No use of natural gas for power generation jobs on a dead planet

More jobs are definitely needed, but even the simply concluded State Division assessment conceded Keystone would support only 35 submit-building jobs.

Infrastructure repair and promoting a inexperienced economy is a far better resolution for the jobs crisis than a undertaking that NASA scientist and climate professional James Hanson famously calls “game over” on the climate entrance.

If the threshold challenge is jobs, nurses ought to help the pipeline as a full employment act in the quantity of extra patients sickened by the pipeline’s well being hazards and toll from accelerated climate change. However nurses see an inseparable link between environmental justice and the well being of our communities and planet.

2. Do not drink the water…
From the bottom to the pipe to the refineries, Keystone’s tar sands oil, with its thick, dirty, corrosive properties, pose a far greater hazard than conventional oil — a significant purpose for Nationwide Nurses United and nurse opposition.

Toxic contaminants in the massive water needed for extraction are infecting clean water supplies with towns close by Alberta experiencing spikes in cancer deaths, renal failure, lupus, and hyperthyroidism. Big pipeline spills near Marshall, Mi. and Mayflower, Ar. have led to respiratory ailments and other well being ills. Pollutants from tar sands refineries are linked to coronary heart and lung illness, asthma, and most cancers.

Three. And don’t breathe the air
Mounds of Petcoke, the carbon residue of tar sands refining, piled up for export for burning, have produced toxic dust storms which have left area residents gasping close to Detroit, Chicago, and other locales. Canadian scientists are also alarmed at mercury “wafting” into the air from tar sands manufacturing which, in chronic publicity, have been linked to mind damage.

4. An asthma nation
Nurses see an explosion of asthma sufferers, especially youngsters. More than 40 p.c of Americans now live in areas slammed by air pollution with levels of particle pollution that can also cause greater incidents of coronary heart attacks and premature demise.

Keystone will multiply carbon emissions and speed up local weather change resulting in more polluted air, increased air temperatures which can also increase micro organism-related food poisoning, equivalent to salmonella, and animal-borne diseases similar to West Nile virus.

5. The gathering storms
Within the last 12 months alone, we’ve seen the worst cyclone ever to hit landfall, fueled by sub-surface ocean temperatures 9 levels above regular, the most important twister ever recorded, record droughts, and other unprecedented weather anomalies. While some discount the hyperlink to local weather change, there is not any dispute that the past decade was the most popular on document.

Nurses, as volunteers with National Nurses United’s RNRN venture can attest, treat the human collateral damage, use of natural gas for power generation 1000’s of patients affected by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in the Philippines, for instance, who endured life threatening accidents and loss of their properties and livelihoods.

6. The carbon bomb
All workers and their households live in the identical communities affected by the local weather crisis and the pipeline health hazards. Despite naysayers who insist there is no such thing as a environmental justification to block it, there is as a lot scientific consensus on Keystone as there is on the human hand behind the climate disaster, or the factual proof of evolution.

In addition to Hanson, who calls Keystone “the biggest carbon bomb on the planet,” dozens of different prominent scientists signed a 2013 letter stating “the actual and potential environmental injury (are) sufficiently extreme to reject Keystone to protect the climate, human health, and the multiple ecosystems this challenge threatens.”

In simple terms, Keystone would generate the carbon emission equivalent of forty million extra vehicles or 50 coal-fired energy plants every year.

7. Not headed to your gas pump
Opposite to the parable, Keystone would contribute little to U.S. power independence. The oil is headed to Texas ports for a motive — to be shipped overseas. TransCanada, the company behind Keystone, balked at a Congressional proposal to condition approval on retaining the refined oil within the U.S. and stories say TransCanada already has contracts to sell much of the oil to international patrons.

Eight. Pipeline or bust for the tar sands industry
Proponents insist that if Keystone is blocked, the tar sands crude will just be shipped by rail. Many disagree, amongst them a pro-pipeline Canadian suppose tank that predicts with out Keystone, “investment and expansion will grind to a halt,” a view shared by the use of natural gas for power generation Worldwide Power Agency, Goldman Sachs and some oil executives. Increasingly, it seems, the pipeline is the linchpin for tar sands development.

9. Which side are you on
In a single nook, the American Petroleum Institute, the oil billionaire Koch Brothers, different fossil gas giants, the far proper American Legislative Alternate Council (ALEC), and politicians they influence — the same people behind the assaults on unions, worker rights and well being care and social justice reforms.

Standing with NNU in opposition are each main environmental group, farmers, ranchers and neighborhood leaders along the pipeline pathway, First Nations leaders, most Canadian unions, and U.S. transit unions.

10. A last phrase, from Robert Redford
“The more folks study in regards to the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, the less they prefer it,” says actor/environmentalist Redford. “Tar sands crude means a dirtier, extra harmful future for our youngsters all so that the oil industry can reach the higher costs of overseas markets.