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Hydrorefining Process Equipment

Solar Faith ENGINEERING Limited primarily serves enterprises of the strains corresponding to petrochemical, chemical engineering and metallurgy, by providing desalting unit, atmospheric&vacuum distillation equipments, tanks, heating furnaces, heat exchangers, catalytic reforming,isomerization unit, hydrocracking,delayed coking,hydrotreating models,refinery fireplace combating,DCS automation, used oil recycling equipment akin to column type vacuum distillation unit with furfural rectification, brief path molecular evaporation waste oil regeneration unit, vessel sort used motor oil reclaiming system, as well uses of crude oil in our daily life as engineering consulting and U-tube heat exchanger different associated equipment.
Solar Religion ENGINEERING Limited is combined of scientific research, engineering design, EPC, technical service, product uses of crude oil in our daily life growth and manufacturing. It has skilled installation staffs and technicians they’re able to finishing the first grade tasks, providing the best quality industrial equipment and consulting service particularly in the sphere of petrochemical business.