Vulture Capitalists Circle Above Puerto Rican Prey

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With this current storm I have been wondering if this might be a second during which, as the farmers did back then, we’ll just sell all the pieces off and privatize the rest of what now we have. However, here’s the place the US government’s response and Trump’s response may lead in a totally completely different course if individuals realize that that United States does not in truth see us as a part of the nation, doesn’t see us as full Individuals worthy of support, doesn’t suppose that our lives matter, actually. When Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast, Trump shortly suspended the Jones Act so that oil might be provided to the pipelines; he did it instantly. After Irma hit Puerto Rico, nevertheless, it took eight days for the president to even consider suspending it, and he solely did so for ten days, for an island utterly dependent on importing its meals. Petroleum I think this has made it really clear for Puerto Ricans where they stand by way of US priorities.