What Should Everybody Learn about Tunisia

Location is basically the important thing to understanding Tunisia and it’s complexity .

-We’re in North Africa.
Now I observed , lots of people, every time they hear Africa, they assume hunger, poverty, AIDS —–> Mistaken !
Our HDI is 0.712 Not good but it is respectable. We’re fairly urbanized. Persons are educated (yes !! going to varsity is free here). The majority of the population belongs to the middle class.(we dont have loopy rich individuals UAE fashion …)
-We’re also a part of the West of the Arab world (AKA Maghreb). This part of the arab world is very completely different from the Eastern half (machrek) / khalij /middle east (culturally , traditionally and even religiously)
-We are within the South of the mediterranean, in order you may guess it plays an enormous part in our culture: Warm individuals (we all kiss one another : ladies kiss girls , boys kiss boys and girls kiss boys …I dont know how I grew up thinking everybody was like that … anyways ) , household is a prime precedence (and right here I invite you to think about a brilliant stereotypical dinner scene from the Godfather or something like the Sopranos) and the sea is practically in our veins.

We’re still talking about location here: as you might have seen Tunisia is tiny! It’s not even the scale of Illinois. It takes lower than 10 hours to cross the country from North to South and about four hours from East to West. We have now a total population of about eleven million. Tunis is the capital.

Needless to say the weather is Awesome. But now we have the craziest “discrepancies ” in panorama.

Tunis the capital

Fairly urban, no large skyscrapers but its a fairly large metropolis.

The North East

It’s totally green, it rains so much right here in the winter and it snows in the mountains. Oh, This can also be a superb time to let you know that olive, olive oil, Wheat and dates are our biggest productions.

(If you don’t know what dates are simply click on this: dates palm. Severely, I’ve met method too many people who did not know what dates are for me to assume that everyone knows…. )

the East Coast

It is pretty very similar to what you would think about Greece or Italy to seem like. Kinda stereotypical however I believe it gets the point throughout.

the South

The desert baby,
The Sahara and sure Sahara means desert in arabic!
Now, I seen that some people just assume that when you’ve got a desert you in all probability have a variety of natutral resources like oil however we do not have a lot of it (not as compared with Gulf international locations ) aside from possibly a tiny little bit of pure gaz and phosphate)

So so far we have solely coated Location, which as you may see does provide you with a reasonably good first sketch.
Now, let’s move on to language:

2) language
We speak a variant of literary arabic that most of the Arab World can understand not without issue. It’s influenced by many various languages from around the mediteranian: Berber, French, Spanish, Italian, turkish and many extra.
The official language is the literary arabic, however most of the official documents might be present in a French version. It’s fascinating although, that the language that we use in on daily basis life is just not the one which we learn in newspapers and listen to on official Television.
Many of the inhabitants is fairly fluent in French and we educate english at school starting from the primary 12 months of middle faculty. So kids my technology are in concept trilingual, the big majority is at least bilingual.

By the way, we look mediterranian …no matter meaning …

3)Historical past :
I am gonna go real fast on this, and simply give examples of architecture that is in relation to each interval.
First the Berber , the unique population:

We still keep many berber dishes (like coucous) as a part of our heritage and a few individuals do communicate the indigenous languages and dialects.
Oh yes… you recognize this right? It’s Tataooine from StarWars . It was filmed right here in Tunisia in Tataouine an precise berber village. Like a legit historic site.

Verify this out: Star Wars followers rejoice!
and this too
Star Wars fans rejoice!

Then Carthage:

Elissa AKA Dido started a Phoenician colony on the bay of Tunis in -814 BC (there’s a gorgeous legend about it here Dido Legend of Carthage ) and Fabricated from it an empire ruling over the complete south financial institution of the mediterranean. As you may guess the roman empire wasn’t too pleased about it and the were 3 punic wars that completely destroyed Every little thing. However I suppose we put up a goof dight(you in all probability know Hannibal)
Anyways, there is little left of Carthage. Most of is within the Bardo Museum that has Essentially the most in depth mosaique assortment on the earth. And that features each Carthaginian and Roman mosaics (extra info right here Bardo museum ) and there are also some ruins here and there.

After Carthages defeat, the Romans dominated for a looooong time

( That is the Jem amphitheater )

Then Numerous stuff occurred (I would need to edit this later 😛 )

And the arabs got here :

bringing islam to Tunisia,
Then a whole lot of stuff happened and

The Ottoman empire dominated :

then yada yada yada ….

French colonization got here our method.

This is an instance of Art nouveau that you would be able to see all over the city heart in Tunis.

Post colonisation
We obtained our independence from France in 1956 and had Habib Bourguiba as our president until 1987 after we had a coup by a general referred to as Zine El Abidine Ben Ali who was president till the 14th of January 2011. ->

Unlike what lots of people suppose, Tunisia is the one who began the primary revolution that turned out to be part of a much bigger mouvement referred to as the Arab Spring .
The Jasmine Revolution is a vital part of our fashionable historical past and after 3 years, we are thought of among the many few Arab countries that have efficiently made their transition to a more democratic regime .
We now have a constitutional meeting that wrote a structure (clearly ) (extra about it here : Four Methods Tunisia Is Now More Progressive Than The United States), since then, we’ve had our first legislative elections so we now have an meeting of deputies that represent us and we’ve not too long ago elected a brand new president.

After virtually 50 years of dictatorship, our individuals is now free but still studying the foundations of the democratic recreation.

On a totally totally different word:

We now have a thing for doorways :

AND windows :

I will add very quickly a piece about Tunisian historical Icons and well-known contemporary folks. Also, I’ll incluse a piece about tolerance in our historical past (and naturally repair the historical past part trigger it is a huge mess …) Be happy to suggest any edits, I am going to do my best to have essentially the most comprehensive answer with out making it too boring .