Why Ought to You buy The Burger Buddy?

Carry residence hamburger patty press for coronary heart healthier meals. Now cook low fats burger, beef and sausages for teenagers and others. For extra info, go to www.theburgerbuddy.com website.

Do you like to gorge on hamburgers but cant have them as typically as you like because you will have to keep track of the calorie count? Effectively, you aren’t alone, as there are dozens of people that would like to reside on burgers in the event that they had been given the chance.

But, does that mean weight watchers cant have tasty low fat burgers? It’s assuredly not so. Now you may have as many burgers as you like. The hamburger press is just what you might be in search of. In case you aren’t conversant in the idea of a press, it is principally a gadget that helps you to transform fatty hamburgers into low fat hamburgers.

The meat is placed in the press and strain is applied on it. The gadget drains all the fats and oil out of the meat with out hampering its style. People have the frequent false impression that low cal; low fats meals is bland and tasteless. In this case, not only does the meat style good but all sorts of contaminants are additionally removed. Meat which is not pressed often comprises the next contaminants:

Pesticides and fertilizers.

Meat which is re-frozen has a variety of contaminants.

Outdated meat if grilled can produce dangerous carcinogens.

Rancid fat is produced if the meat is saved too lengthy within the freezer.

Micro organism which isn’t destroyed throughout cooking.

Numerous sorts of water soluble contaminants.

This distinctive press is not just limited to hamburgers. It will also be used to reduce fats from sausages, steaks, bologna, and bacon. Studies have shown that it will probably reduce virtually 50% of the fats from the meat. Scorching water is used to dissolve the fats and contaminants that are current within the meat. You can also be creative and add wine, beer or liquid steak sauce to the water that will likely be put within the press. These seasonings will accentuate the taste even more.

Looking to buy a burger press ? www.theburgerbuddy.com is the precise place for you. Their Burger Buddy Fat Reducer is patented and has additionally been tested by the United States Army. This machine is indeed distinctive as it doesn’t require much effort to function not like other kitchen utensils reminiscent of a potato masher. The burger press will also be termed as an insurance coverage for healthy consuming. Not do you need to persist with greasy and fatty hamburgers!

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