Why Preventing Donald Trump On Climate Change Is A Waste Of Time

Universal hydraulic pressThese COP conferences are accomplishing completely nothing however talk, discuss, discuss and extra freaking speak. We’re as much as COP 22 now with this latest assembly in Morocco and with out the charisma and vitality of a Nichola Hulot with COP 21, hardly anyone has even heard of COP 22.

What number of COP’S will there be earlier than anything substantial is actually finished. COP 33? COP 57? oil Refinery Process These charades are simply cop-outs from action.

Not one of those COP gab-fests has shut down a single coal fired producing plant or a single pipeline. Not one.

The one factor that excites any government seems to be the opportunity of imposing a tax. Politicians love taxes and carbon taxes are just one other rip-off to secure tax dollars. Carbon buying and selling is one more scam.

“The threats to our local weather, our atmosphere and our democracy have been the identical threats for many years, properly earlier than Trump.” – Captain Paul Watson

There will not be a single nation that is undertaking the effort to realistically and effectively handle climate change.

Is anyone shutting down fracking, drilling, open pit mining, deep water exploration? No. Is there a single nation cutting subsidies to energy corporations or to the destructive fishing industries? No. Will we cease slaughtering sixty five billion animals a 12 months to scale back a carbon footprint that’s even greater than that of transportation? Hell no, “I like my hamburger” is the answer.

Is there a single world leader able to make financial sacrifices for the setting? Completely not.

“Oh however….,” say my critics, “there are nice academic packages underway.” How’s that working? Not that nice?

Some want us to waste our energies battling Trump The climate change Denier as if that’s going to perform something. It won’t. When will we cease reacting to the circuses so we can truly concentrate on taking the initiative?

My level is that Donald Trump simply is not any worse and no higher than all the remainder of these so-called leaders whose agenda is to serve the corporations and to enrich themselves.

He will not do much however he will almost certainly do exactly as much which means little or no as Trudeau, Turnbull and may have accomplished, or will do.

The North American Free Commerce Deal occurred beneath Clinton. The Trans-Pacific Commerce Deal was an Obama goal. Trump is against it. Fracking was initiated and supported by Obama and Clinton. The embarrassment of the Dakota Access Pipeline is going on under the Obama administration.

Would Hillary Clinton have stopped it if elected? Would she really do a rattling factor to handle climate change if she had received? The evidence signifies that she would have executed all the pieces to take care of the status quo which has brought all these problems to us and can current much higher issues within the near future.

I did not vote for Trump however I am not going to pretend that on this concern, i.e. local weather change, anybody else would imply anything completely different.

I can see fighting Trump on women’s issues, LGBT+ points, immigration issues and plenty of more important social points. I will help any such efforts with each passion and motion However I have no intention of combating Trump on climate change. To take action would simply be a distraction away from the fact that not one goddamn world leader is definitely doing something in any respect to address the problem. I have no intention of contributing to making them all look good compared to Trump.

Because in terms of climate change Trump is on par with Trudeau, Turnbull, Could, Hollande, Abe, Putin, and the leaders of China, Brazil, Mexico and everybody else which means that they all are pursuing agendas which might be opposite to the reality of climate change.

So the place do we look for answers?

People of ardour, of imagination, courage and commitment. Folks like Elon Musk, Gildo Pastor, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Cameron, Ethan Brown, Cyrill Gutch, John Paul DiJoria, Chief Raoni, Dale Vince, Naomi Klein, Jasmine Thomas, Wangari Maathai and so many others.

Particular person passion. Particular person imagination. Individual initiative. Particular person courage. These are the keys to our survival.

Depending on a politician to solve any of those issues is like relying on an oil government to promote solar power. It is solely not in their curiosity or as Invoice Clinton as soon as put it, “It is the economic system silly.”

That may be a truth. Politicians serve the financial system. They do not serve the Atmosphere. It is like asking a high school history instructor to teach advanced math. They will not do it because they cannot do it.

We need to look past the limited horizons of elected officials because the solutions are to be found nicely beyond their restricted and blinkered worldview.

To paraphrase Matthew in Matthew 22:21 “Render to the Donald the things which are the Donald’s.”

Local weather change will not be one of his things and by no means will be. It is our thing, these of us who perceive the implications and thus it is our duty to discover and invent alternate options and to fight the technologies, not the employed mouthpieces of these destructive applied sciences.

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